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Fat adapted? Or hormone inbalance?


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I know this has been discussed in length on the forum, but any of the specific posts I could find weren't exactly what I was looking for.


I've been eating Whole30 style for almost two years now.  Yes, I have off road items, days, etc. but generally I follow the template very well.  I am nursing so I eat 4 meals and definitely do a pre and post WO snack too, but otherwise don't 'snack' throughout the day.


I usually am very regular with my times for eating because of work and having small kids - things tend to fall into a schedule very easily for me, so I don't go too long between meals.


Yesterday, was unusual though.  I had lunch at 2 and worked until 6:30. I got home at 7 and had to put the baby to bed and go to a meeting quick.  I didn't want to go that long in between meals so I had a mini-meal of some leftover taco meat, bites of chicken and some blueberries, planning to eat my real meal when I got home.


I got home at 9 and started to make my dinner but realized I wasn't hungry at all.  I still made my dinner and ate it because I knew I should (2 eggs just because I seriously wasn't hungry so I went a little light on that part of the template), 2-3 cups of sauteed veggies and some sunshines sauce over the veggies.  I ate it all, but honestly felt stuffed and like I didn't need the meal.


So, now I'm wondering if I'm not fat adapted and my hormones are still out of whack since I know that can lead to not feeling hungry.  Or, were my two meals just close enough where the mini-meal staved off the hunger feeling and then I replenished my correctly and being fat adapted helped me not burn through that mini-meal so quickly?


Just very curious as I'm currently doing a strict Whole30 since I've changed my workout regimen and am trying to shed some body fat especially around my mid-section.  I feel like I've gotten everything I can physically out of the whole30 diet, so I'm trying a new approach with exercise now, but I'm wondering if I need to revamp something about my whole30 eating.


Side note: I guess it could still be the nursing too?  Hormones are out of whack that whole time :)  My baby is over 1, but still nurses 5-6x/day and I still pump at work, so I guess my body could be still adjusting from that?  Any advice is welcomed, thanks :)

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I don't think you're out of whack, my guess is that the mini-meal staved off hunger and that your body is used to eating on a schedule and then winding down at that time of night so barring earlier-day starvation, it knows that food isn't meant to be coming at 9 at night.

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