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Meal question


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Hello all! I'm new to this, day 2. I am wondering if there is such thing as too much good fat? Using the ghee and oils to cook in, plus avocados and nuts, using the homemade mayo and ranch. Obviously not huge portions, but it seems like a lot. Is that ok?

Or if it's bad to have sweet potatoes for breakfast and spaghetti squash for dinner? To me that seems like it would be too much starch/carb? Is that not the case?

I appreciate all the help! I'm so excited for this journey and finding my happy self again!

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Sounds all good to me!


You want your meals to last you 4-5 hours so if you find you're not hungry for 6 or 7, you may want to down tick your fats, but otherwise you're okay... it's VERY hard to over eat fats.. your body has those awesome 'stop I"m full' signals to rely on.

We generally tell people not to count cooking fat because most of it stays in the pan or cooks off.

Nuts are not a great or balanced source of fats so a closed handful every other day is considered a good limit... 


As far as starchy carbs, it's definitely okay to eat a serving at one, two or even three meals.  Just pay attention to how you feel and again, if your meals are getting you longer than 4-5 hours, it may be time to tweak some things.... 

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Feel free to mix up fats.  Most cooking fat gets left behind in the pan so feel free to add avocado, mayo, ranch dressing, nuts etc to your meals.  Please note to limit the nuts to a closed palm sized portion every other day as they have a tendency of causing digestive issues due to their Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.


If your meals are holding you for 4 -5 hours - you are good.  Try not to overthink this.  The thumb sized portion is just a recommendation.  You many need more that this.  Feel free to tweak what makes you feel good.


I am guilty of having sweet potatoes for breakfast and spaghetti squash for dinner fairly often.  And I have found that this works for me because I have a history of depression and I find the starchy veg seems to help me with that. If you find yourself reacting badly to the starchy veg - meaning it makes you feel worse not better - then consider cutting back.  Although I also make it point of eating just as much leafy greens to go along with my starchy veg.  Also note that Spaghetti squash is one of the lower starchy, starchy vegetables - if that makes sense.  

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