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Jan. 17 start date, looking for advice for older women


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Hi, this is Day 12 for me.  I'm 57 and live in SW Ontario, Canada.   I'm very lucky as my niece is doing it with me - I can't say enough for doing it with someone but it is a big commitment so I didn't want to try and convince anyone.  My only reason for doing this is my skin.  I'll be happy about some of the other benefits but I am hoping that this will point to why I have Rosacea (3 whole face swollen flare-ups).  I got Rosacea last January and can't seem to figure out any reason for my flare-ups, which are only on my face.  At first I thought it was my fragrance allergy but since all fragrance is banned from my home that can't be it.  Hence the Whole30.  On Day 12 I have to admit that my skin is, ever so slightly, better.  However still the constant flare-ups.  


I'm also wondering if older women find some different issues, like the effects taking longer, etc.  If some of the moderators could point me to groups that discuss issues for older women I would appreciate it.

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Hey there & welcome to Whole30


>This group< is fairly active and everyone there is over 50 so it might be of some help to you... They also all started in January which means they'll be going through similar stages.

Regarding your rosacea here are the links to a couple of old threads I found via a google search... (Google is the best way to search the forums for any query you might have. Type 'whole30' + 'your query' into google and you're pretty sure to get at least one hit.)



Hope this helps!  :)

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