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Am I eating enough?

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I started my first Whole30 Jan 25th and so far so good! I am exclusively breastfeeding my 5 mo old son. I feel like I am eating a TON! Could I get some feedback? I don't want to be overeating just because I am scared of decreased supply! But I'm also HUNGRY before each meal! Oh, also I do CrossFit 4-5 times a week. 


Yesterday here is what I ate:


Breakfast: sweet potato hash with spinach, 4 eggs, cooked in olive oil, coconut milk (1/4 cup)

snack: closed handful of almonds and some carrots

lunch: ground beef (about size and 1/2 or my palm) green beans (I needed to go to the store so not much variety here) tomato puree with basil and a handful of olives, coconut milk (1/8 cup)

Pre-workout: banana and almond butter (I know fruit isn't ideal here but I needed to go to the store...)

Post- Workout: boiled egg and a yellow pepper

Dinner: Chicken breast (about the size of my palm) roasted potato and eggplant, a few olives, coconut milk (about 1/4 cup)


TIA for the feedback! :)


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We recommend that breastfeeding mothers eat 4 meals a day or at the very least, eat to the tippy top of the template.  You are sustaining another human's life with your own body, so if you're hungry, EAT!


Your meals look good but if you're starving between, then we recommend either adding another meal in there and adjusting your timing, or eating mini meals of protein and fat throughout the day.


Post workout meals should be lean protein and starchy carb so egg and pepper are not ideal here as the egg contains fat and there is no starch.

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I'm EBF a 5 month old as well. I don't think I can eat that much!

Example of typical meals: 

Breakfast- 3 eggs (poached or fried in coconut oil) with turkey chorizo and sweet potatoes (or roasted brussel sprouts), 1 cup coffee with splash almond milk

Lunch- leftovers typically-- ground beef with roasted tomatoes and zucchini over kale/brussel/broccoli/cabbage salad with the ranch dressing from the Whole30 book, water. 

occasional afternoon snack 2-3x a week: apple with almond butter

Dinner: bbq chicken breast with chipotle lime spice, bbq broccoli with olive oil, bbq asparagus. Water


I am trying to walk 2-3 miles with the 75 pound stroller in the morning, but when i get back Its time for lunch! No room for extra meal. I am overweight and had 40 pounds to lose prior to the Whole30 commencing. I think i've lost some as I'm in my smaller pants mostly... but definitely not melting off of me. Any suggestions or tips??

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Your meals look a lot like mine, I am BFing an 8 month old, but did a whole 30 3 months ago with this baby and did one with my 2nd baby too.  I would not focus too much on how much smaller your pants are right now and just make sure you are getting all the nutrients for the baby.  A lot of women's bodies hold on to their fat for dear life when they are breast feeding and there is nothing you can do about it.  Be healthy right now.  When your body is convinced it will get the right nourishment for you and your baby, it will start dropping the weight. 


I know this sucks, but it's true. 

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