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Extremely nauseated


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Hi all, I am on day 9 of my second whole 30 and felt fine until a couple day ago when I started getting an upset stomach. Last night, my husband also got an upset stomach but his went away whereas mine has stuck around and I have felt extremely nauseated all day. The two days prior I only felt sick to my stomach after eating, but then it would slowly go away. We ate chicken breaded in almond flour, roasted sweet potatoes and a bit of acorn squash last night. More starch than we normally consume but it was also a lot of fat at one time and I'm wondering if that was the problem? But not sure what would have caused an upset stomach after eating during all the other meals. Today nothing has sounded good and I have not been able to eat much. I did order some digestive enzymes but they aren't here yet. Any suggestions? I didn't feel this way at all during my first whole 30!

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