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Day 4 - Not hungry..


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I am on Day 4 of whole 30 and feeling great! However.. I am not hungry. Haven't been since the start of the program. I ate very well and the same foods before starting, but much less animal protein then I am eating now. I have found since starting that I am just not really hungry. I wake up with a bit of an appetite, and usually feel a tinge of hunger around 10pm ( i think that is more just wanting to snack ha). I am still eating 3 consistent meals, but I am not hungry for them so I am kind of forcing myself to eat. Here is an example of meals:


M1 - 1/2 sweet potato, chard, onions, 2 homemade sausage patties cooked up in ghee as a hash

M2 - 1 can tuna with a chopped apple, some chopped onion, 1ish tablespoon of whole 30 mayo over kale salad with creamy balsamic (balsamic + whole30 mayo)

M3 - small sweet potato with nut butter, broccoli and about 5 pork/beef meatballs with nom nom paleo's cherry bbq sauce


I assume that my hunger cues will eventually balance out, and that a lot has to do with consuming more animal protein vs. grains/legumes

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As best I can tell, you might be near eating enough. I think you would be under-eating if you failed to eat at least this much. 


Our meal planning template guidelines tell you the minimum you should eat and that is what I am thinking you are near...


How much to eat
Your metabolism is likely to speed up if you have been eating too little. This might improve the strength of your hunger cues. 
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