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Costochondritis (inflammation around the ribs)

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Was wondering if there is any info I could provide to my sister who suffers from recurring and painful costochondritis. I'm thinking that whole30 would  be helpful to her for many reasons, but she'll likely not buy into this whole30 thing unless she thinks it will help her with that condition. 


Also...i've just started whole30 and am feeling terrific, but i don't want to push it on her without her being ready to accept the challenge.

Thanks in advance!

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All inflammation conditions are going to be helped to some degree by removing inflammatory items from one's diet... these inflammatory items are dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, soy, alcohol. When your body is inflamed somewhere (costochondritis, RA, Crohns etc), adding inflammation is just going to make it worse... or at the very least prevent it from improving.

The whole30 cannot claim to 'cure' any condition but removing excess inflammation is not going to make her situation worse.

If you google Whole 30 and costochondritis, you get a couple articles and blog posts... unfortunately it sounds like it might be more of a rare situation and as such there are not loads of threads on the forum about it, but again, ANY inflammatory condition is going to be helped by removing elective inflammation (elective being things you choose to eat).

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