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Aldi SimplyNature Coconut Unsweetened Organic Beverage


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Actually I am in week 2 of Whole 30, and I am getting pretty good at label reading finally...however, I want to make sure this is compliant.


ingredients:  filtered water, organic coconut cream, sunflower legithin, tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, organic vanilla extract-STOP


Nevermind  :o I just answered my own question!  Boo hoo-no vanilla extract with whole 30--I guess I will don't this to my co-workers!


I have bought all of Walmarts goldden harvest in a can-so I am good anyways for awhile...

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We don't want you drinking "beverages" even if all the ingredients are compliant. We want you drinking water. You can flavor your water by infusing some fruit juice, fruit, or, for example, cucumber slices, but beverages like this product are going off the range. 


When it comes to pure coconut water, for example, you might drink some if you are running a half marathon, but should never drink it with meals or as a source of daily hydration.

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