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Did I blow this reintro?


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This is my second Whole30. I had planned to only reintroduce wine and legumes yesterday.

I had a spoonful of peanut butter, and I was surprised by 2 things: 1. How much I thought I missed it but didn't and 2. I started feeling groggy and having achy joints within an hour.

My husband and I celebrated our Valentine's Day with a nice meal at least he restaurant I work at, so I know the menu and could make wise decisions. I had a salad with the normal dressing, a lemon-vinaigrette (AND BACON), a filet with the Demi glaze, a side of Brussels and black eye peas. I also had two glasses of wine, and got a little tipsier faster than I remember. When the check came, they gave us free French macarons, which were my favorite. I decided at the moment it was worth it and had one.

Now I'm wondering if I completely blew the whole reintro process. Has anyone ever completed a second Whole30 and skipped the reintro process altogether?

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Did you do your reintroduction after your first Whole30? If so, then you don't need to reintroduce because you're armed with personalized information about how foods affect you. If you didn't do a reintroduction before I strongly encourage you to do one now and to stick with the system of one group (or even one food) for one day then back to 2 days of Whole30.

If you have done the reintroduction then you riding your own bike and can eat what and how you choose!

With the bacon, the glaze, the black eyed peas, wine and a lot of sugar in the macarons, you may have responses over the next days that you won't be able to separate.

So, if you want to do a reintroduction, you could go back to Whole30 eating for a few days or a week or as long as it takes to reset your Whole30 state and the start a systematic reintroduction.

One reason I think the reintroduction process is so essential (and is as important as the Whole30) is that you are gathering the information you need to be able to decide when and how you want to off-road and to make informed decisions about whether a particular food item is worth it.

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You appear to have introduced legumes, sugar, alcohol and whatever else was in the macaron. If you have never done a full reintroduction before, it will be difficult for you to know what caused your achy joints and groggy feeling.

If you have done a Whole30 reintroduction before then you should have an idea of what the culprit is and can narrow it down.

To answer your question, there are hundreds of people who have done 1, 2, 3 or more Whole30 and skipped the reintroduction process and they are doing themselves a disservice. After 30 compliant days you are in the best possible position to experiment and see how foods affect your body. Introducing numerous things at one time defeats that purpose.

If you do what to do the reintroduction process, go back on Whole30 for a few days/week until you are feeling awesome again and then systematically reintroduce things either by following the reintro protocol on the Whole30 website or by adding things back on a case by case basis as they come up, but one at a time.

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