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Rules/ Recomendations


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Hello , my name is Ana and I´m from Portugal :)

I have two doubts about the rules / recomendations :
- 3 meals a day at least, is a rule or recommendation? We can make only 2?
- The first meal after waking up until 1.5h is a rule or a recomedação

Sorry about my english :)


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I do three meals day.

The question is why some people think that it is beneficial to be without breakfast also in whole30

It's not.


We would encourage everyone to eat three meals a day, spaced around 4-5hrs apart, the first of which should be eaten within an hour of wakening.

Delaying breakfast (or going completely without), particularly if you are trying to re-balance hormones such as cortisol, can be detrimental to your results.

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Purely from a logic view, skipping breakfast is just eating 1/3 less food and for most people, starving yourself messes with hormones, feelings of wellness and also weight loss (as it stresses your body).


I had really bad metabolism before my first Whole30 (prediabetic, insulin resistant - cortisol all over the place) and saw great improvements from following the template and eating breakfast within one hour of waking.

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