Immune system overdrive??


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Hi! I'm on day 18 and really love the increase in energy, lack of afternoon sugar crash, new teas and food combos I never would have tried, and better quality of sleep I have experienced on my First Whole30!!

The problem I seem to be having is my immune system is on complete overdrive and I can't seem to get well. I started the program at the end of an upper respiratory infection, and about Day 12 got a nasty little stomach bug. Three days later, another cold and upper respiratory infection, and increased RA issues (large joints, smaller seem to have improved).

It seems I have read that with autoimmune issues, and IBS, things can take longer to heal, and may get worse before really getting better...I have 3 diagnosed autoimmune conditions, so could it be my immune system is just not sure what to pay attention to? Food changes, resetting metabolism and hormones or my health conditions?

Thanks for any feedback!

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Healing from autoimmune conditions is measured in months, not days. It is great that you are already experiencing some improvements. Don't let the ongoing issues steal your joy. You are making progress and can expect to keep making progress for a long time. 

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