Day 31 - Training Wheels off!


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Day 31 - wow! I never thought I would see you! This was my first Whole 30 and definitely a road to food enlightenment. I started this journey as a way to rid my self of 3 day, 1 a month migrianes. So far the migraines are still here, but I feel much better and my recovery from them is so much better.

Here are the list of positive changes

No more brain fog

Moods are sooooooo much more stable. I love it.

No more depressing thoughts

I'm Sleeping all through the night - this was an elusive thing and only starting showing up around Day 16

Skin is clearer (suffer from rosacea and have had no breakouts)

My nails - no longer paper thin and I can no longer tear them off (Bad Habit) also less ridges

Hair & Scalp - Just prior to starting the Whole 30 my hair was starting to fall out in clumps and my scalp was dry and severely itchy. Now I am having issues with an oily scalp again (Normal)

Used to suffer from some extremely painful boils on my legs. I found out that these were due to the dairy in my diet. I haven't had a boil since day 9.

Sugar cravings are pretty much at bay.

Clothes are looser although I do have to break down and weigh myself yet. I look better and healthier too. Been getting a lot of compliments on that. Truthfully I don't think I lost that much, and it doesn't really matter because the best of it all is - I feel Fantastically-Fabulous! I haven't felt this way in years!

And when you feel this good, things are easier to do.

Some other observations

Maybe it's the quality of meat I was buying (pastured was a little harder to find and sometimes completely out of my price range) but I don't react well to porc and red meat. Although the first few days I was craving red meat like crazy. I break out with these large crazy sized pimples in random odd places. And they would show up hours after I ate something with red meat or porc. So I think I will simply reserve these meats for special occasions.

Hmmmm Day 31. Who would have thought? :)

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