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Day 17


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Hello I am currently on Day 17 of my first Whole30. I have found it relatively simple after reading the book & getting organised with shopping etc. My whole family are enjoying the meals from Whole30 book supplemented with compliant recipes from Amelia Freer.

Had my first meal out on Sunday & was able to enjoy a main course. I used the suggestions in the book for contacting the restaurant & they couldn't have been more helpful. This meant that there was no huge discussion when I ordered. My fellow diners were very interested in the idea of Whole30. They all seemed to eat their desserts rather sheepishly though!!

I am definitely feeling better in a lot of ways. My skin is looking very healthy, my eyes are brighter, my clothes seem a little bit less tight around the waist & I feel much less stiff when getting out of sitting or kneeling positions. (I should mention that I am 60 & the stiffness had just started making its' presence felt)

One question that the more experienced Whole30ers could help me with. When could I expect my energy levels to increase? I am sleeping very well & am hoping that my daily activities ( which include all chores associated with keeping a horse & riding as well as walking my boisterous puppy ) will feel a little easier. I have felt a little 'leaden' since starting.

Any advice would be very gratefully received. Good luck to everybody at all your different stages!

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I'm not an expert but I say ANY DAY NOW..    Your gona feel a little zip in your step one day and then the next and before you know it you'll have 

Tiger blood running through your veins..     What kind of riding do you do Louie?  I'm a horsey girl as well, but two years ago

I gave it up for a different life style..  Still holding on to my trailer (just in case)  It was my dream trailer and I'm having a hard time parting with it.  

Good Luck and it was wonderful to read a post where someone actual read the book and took suggestions from it.. :) 



ps.. the more professional responders will probably chime in wanting to know what your actual meals look like to make sure your getting enough

       of this and that..


I read a lot about sweet potatoes and how they help you with energy..  etc.. But yet eating entire plate fulls are not recommended either :)


Cheers :)

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Bring on the Tiger Blood!!! Thanks for your helpful reply. May up the sweet potatoes, definitely no platefuls!!

I ride in an English saddle. Lots of hacking (based in rural Scotland so lucky enough to have lots of great routes) Also do some Endurance & Dressage. Don't give up your trailer you just never know!

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Make sure you're including enough fat too.

The starchy veg are great for mood etc., but fat will give a good sustained release of energy - if you're short changing yourself on fats your energy will suffer.

And yes, an example of a few days worth of food would be helpful for more detailed troubleshooting  :)

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Hey Louie, I dabbled in endurance a bit myself back in the day.. many years later I purchased a dressage saddle and took lessons to further my ridding abilities.... I eventually entered a show, under Cowboy Dressage..  (with my great Cowboy Western Saddle)  had a lot of fun and was proud of my accomplishments.. 


Enjoy the tiger blood and yep, making sure you get those good fats in will help a lot also..

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Happy that I have some fellow horse enthusiasts on this journey with me!

I reached Day 20 on my first Whole30 & then attended a Mindfulness retreat. I didn't have any control over my menus during this time & it was vegetarian, so pulses, oatmeal & some dairy was consumed! I noticed a headache after the dairy so will be interested to see my reaction when reintroducing.

So I am now on Day 5 & I don't feel resentful at all about having to start again. We are all enjoying the food & I haven't had any cravings. My clothes are noticeably looser around my middle section which is definitely a plus.

My energy levels are not consistently high though. I wondered if I wasn't eating sufficient quantities & have upped my portions slightly.

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