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The PMS Monster got me


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I feel so disappointed in myself. I did the whole 30, it was a great success, I felt wonderful and decided it was definitely the way to live.

But this past week I have totally lost it. A couple of things have just tipped me over,and I have eaten a whole 100grams of dark chocolate in one sitting, made a baked cheesecake and had to eat a piece, drank champagne at a party last weekend, then the following day, and again last night. I awoke this morning craving toast with butter... :wacko:

I am due my period tomorrow,and I think part of the reason for slipping up is PMS.But I thought I wasn't going to get that anymore with clean eating? I have also been trying to conceive for a really long time, and have had three miscarriages, and this week I just felt really sad about that (and also felt sure I hadn't conceived this cycle and now know I didn't). :(

I really want to get back on track.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? How can I better prepare myself for PMS,so that I don't cave in to crappy cravings?

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Miscarriage is horrible, and the ttc after almost as bad :( No wonder you were feeling low.

I find the best way to combat the pms craving is a tip I got from Melissa - when you know your period is due in a few days, up your starchy carbs, like sweet potatoes, it will help combat the sugar cravings. It's worked for me so far.

Hope you feel better soon and maybe next month brings a sticky for you xx

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Don't chalk this up to a lack of willpower - the body actually NEEDS more carbs prior to your period. Biologically, the female body is hard-wired to assume it's pregnant every month after ovulation and puts the body into overdrive in preparation. As you can imagine, that requires more quick fuel in the form of carbs. As women, we need extra carbs during that time, so as Derval said, just plan ahead next time and make sure you reach for the good ones! Once progesterone levels drop and our periods arrive, the cravings typically go away as the body (and we) realizes it didn't happen that month.

I'm sorry you've been trying for so long. And I'm very sorry about your miscarriages. :(

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Thank you so much for your replies.

The last couple of months have been a tough time, and though I seemed to have control over what I eat, this last week, I just succumbed to the cravings. Next month I will be better prepared with fruit and sweet potatoes. My skin has broken out and eczema returned on my hands - I know it was due to the poor food choices. I has been a stressful time at work too, so it all adds up, because I was tired I skipped exercise...yes, I know, it leads to disaster! Although, it's not a complete disaster, and now that Aunt Flo is here I feel I can go back to whole 9 way of living.

I had hoped that doing the whole 30 might help me finally conceive a sticky baby, but I probably have to give it more time (something I don't have the luxury of in my 40's). I know it has helped some women conceive, so I will continue to be hopeful.

Again, thanks for your support, it really helps.

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