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I am on day 21 now and much of this is becoming a habit and I like how I feel. I don't think I have lost any dramatic amount of weight that I would expect since I have cut out sugar, grains and dairy from my diet but otherwise am happy with the way I feel so that is a big positive hurrah!


I am worried about my fat craving. I remember reading in the posts, if you want something sweet, don't eat fruit, eat some coconut oil instead.


I haven't really done that, sometimes I'll eat a few nuts or olives or a spoon of coconut milk, but I feel like it's the only way I feel satisfied.


I eat green veggies every day, so it's not like I am loading up on potatoes and squash and carrots and fruit, yeah I eat max 2 pieces a day but always in conjuction with meals.


I eat avocados, use ghee, olive oil, coconut oil in cooking, eat nuts, eat my homemade mayo, and nut butter, so my concern is, is this all too much fat? Can you eat too much fat on whole 30? I mean logically, yeah you can, like if I eat it out of the jar......


How much is too much. What are the health risks?




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Fat provides satiety, and if you don't eat enough of it along with adequate protein then you're going to feel hungry and have cravings...

You've listed all of the types of fat you use, but how much are you using per meal? And what do the rest of your meals look like? A HUGE amount of people undereat on Whole30 - you could be one of them.

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