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Overall blah feeling

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Today is day 15 and i can tell good things are happening, however, i still feel tired daily as well as some brain fog and fatigue.Not sure if i am eating enough?

normal day

m1 two hard boiled eggs and a banana

m2 salad with chicken and avacado

m3 chicken with salad and fruit ( or eggs and fruit) 


snack but not everyday: cashews, mandarine or banana..


looking above i think i know the answer,,, but.... 

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You are not eating enough.


When eggs are your sole protein it is as many eggs as you can hold in one hand.  For most ladies that is 3 to 4.  However feel free to mix up your proteins.  So adding some compliant sausage to your eggs.


Protein size is the length, width and depth of YOUR palm.  My palm size is 4" x 5" x 2" (I am 5'9" and have a large build) So go with your palm size.  Not anybody else's idea of a palm size.


Also M1 - you mention no veggies.  Aim for at least 1 - 3 cups of veggies with every meal.


When salad is you main source of veggie - make sure it is absolutely huge.  Think mixing bowl size.  It's because salad veggies are mainly water and if you would think of them cooked or wilted down 3 cups of salad would maybe account for 1/2 cup?


Are you intentionally avoiding starchy veggies?  Your body does need them.  Aim for 1 fist sized portion of starchy veggies daily.


With the exception of avocado I see a great lack of added fat to your meals.  Add fat.  Cooking fat does not really count as most of it gets left behind in the pan.


I would try to avoid fruit and nuts as snacks.  For one they cause your blood sugar levels to elevate and then crash later (leaving you hungry early) and second you will be propping up your sugar dragon by doing this.  If you must snack, snack on protein, veg and fat.  Or any 2 out of those 3.

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Sounds good.. I have a history of avoiding veggies, so i am trying to get used to making them a part of my life! I do love potatoes and squash so am trying to remember to add them. Will be sure to add the other veggies... definitely writing down my food above as to  what i eat was a little eyeopening.  Thanks for the advice... here's to the next 15. 

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