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My Whole30, Part Deux


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Hey Summer, yeah, I've heard about Cultured Caveman! :) I contributed to their Kickstarter when I first saw it. They open tomorrow I guess... can't wait to go check out their food and enjoy some good paleo eats! The food scene in Portland is really interesting and eclectic. There's another place in town called Dick's Kitchen that is pretty paleo friendly, serving grass fed burgers, sweet potato fries and other cool stuff. Cultured Caveman will only add to the flavor! I really hope they can succeed.

Jim, that is really cool you have stuff like that! I just don't find good paleo friendly places around here unless I am completely overlooking them. Neat you contributed to them too! I would be interested to know what it was like after you take your first visit if you wouldn't mind giving an update. I find that stuff interesting.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday and your beach/family time too!! Welcome to day 30!

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Day 30 ... Yahoo!!! Actually, day 51 of 52! :D I reset after 22 days on May 2nd because I tripped up and wanted to refocus myself. I feel great, and I definitely notice a lot of subtle changes since I started eating Whole30. I'll get into those in my post-30 post. For now... here's today's food log.

8 AM - steak and four egg frittata, the last of my kitchen sink stir fry, a leftover hamburger patty and coffee

2:00 PM - roast beef, cedar plank salmon, olives, big salad, plate of mixed fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew melon, grapefruit, grapes, strawberries), water, coffee

8:30 PM - big salad with balsamic vinaigrette, water

Activity - not much, just some pullups and pushups when time allowed

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Day 31 ... I don't think I'm going to give up the Whole30 framework. I really like how I feel in general, and notice a big difference in my ability to discern what is appropriate to eat vs just "not SAD". Just because it's not SAD doesn't mean it's optimal, or even healthy. That said, I will be dabbling with a few things that I removed from my diet over the coming weeks.

Here's what I eliminated during my Whole30 from my already paleo diet:

  • dairy - I had been using heavy cream or butter in coffee at times, and butter for some cooking. I used to eat cheese a few times per week, but I really cut it down and basically out a couple months before my Whole30. I had been using full fat Greek yogurt in smoothies, but basically cut that out too when I dumped liquid calories a few months ago. I will probably try KerryGold butter for blended coffee at some point, but I've really grown fond of the coconut butter coffee when I want some non-black coffee. I won't be adverse to cooking with butter, but I think I'll keep Greek yogurt to a minimum, if I even use it at all.
  • bacon, because I can't find a local source of sugar free bacon. I will experiment with making my own sugar free bacon, but until then I will minimize it in my diet.
  • dark chocolate - I used to eat 70+% dark chocolate fairly frequently, but it was starting to become a trigger food for mindless snacking... I plan to keep this to a minimum going forward, but I won't say no all the time. Regular consumption seems to trigger increased consumption over time.
  • alcohol - I hadn't drank anything for about six weeks prior to my Whole30... but I love quality craft beers and scotch. I will probably keep it very low key for the most part... enjoying a drink now and then with friends.

I attempted to reduce my consumption of fruit, nuts and nut butters during my Whole30 attempts, and did very very well up until about two weeks ago. All told, I did about 35 days at low to no consumption and noticed a huge difference in general leanness. When I was using other foods for all of my caloric needs, it was easier to stay lean. As my fruit, nut and nut butter consumption increased, I lost a subtle edge... probably gaining a little fat, reducing my overall definition a bit. I will need to walk a fine line with these foods going forward... they are a trigger food for me and my mindless snacking.

In the nearer term, I'm sure I will have some SWYPO treats tonight. It was my birthday a couple days ago and my anniversary yesterday, my last official day of my Whole30. I haven't cheated at all, and I'm ready to see how my body reacts to some yummy treats. My wife makes a great grain-free cake, subbing honey for sugar, and homemade dark chocolate frosting. It tastes excellent, and will be a nice way to celebrate my belated birthday, anniversary and Whole30 completion. :)

I'll do some after pictures and weigh myself tomorrow morning... but I expect that I'm within a few pounds of where I started. It will be interesting to compare my beginning to mid-way to now pictures. I could see a definite improvement in leanness in the mid-way pictures, but I've increased nut, nut butter, and fruit consumption since then. I didn't do body or body fat measurements, so the before/during/after tale will be scale, pictures, and my own subjective analysis.

8 AM - four duck eggs, leftover roast beef and carrots, sliced baby bella mushrooms scrambled together, coffee

I wasn't hungry for lunch, so I skipped it.

6:30 PM - prime rib, baked sweet potato rounds, green beans, cooked carrots, salad with vinaigrette, a SWYPO "paleo" cupcake, water, coffee

We had dinner at my parents' house tonight and it was a delicious feast! My wife made her grain-free cupcakes with 70% dark chocolate frosting. They were as delicious as I remember them... but man oh man. I got a noticeable sugar rush a few minutes after eating the cupcake that lasted about 15-20 minutes. I chose to leave it at one cupcake, as I wasn't all that fond of the sugar rush.

I can definitely see why honey is off limits during the Whole30. My body reacted noticeably to the large amount of sugar in the cupcake in the same manner it did other times I've reintroduced sugary treats.

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Jim - your laid back and practical assessment is really refreshing. I hope to transition myself as gracefully!

Thanks NLK. I'm sure you'll do well as you finish your Whole30 and transition to the next phase.

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For those who remember me building the backyard playground for my kids during my last Whole30, here's the finished product after a couple months use. I took the picture from the roof while I was cleaning the gutters... it was hard to get everything in frame from below. :) I added a pullup bar in the corner. It's great... tall enough for me to do pullup burpees or hang my rings from while the weather's nice.


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