Starting 8th April


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I was posting in other days but I've just had to restart my Whole30 as I ate something off-plan. So tomorrow is my day 1, it would be great if anyone else is doing it too to be on roughly the same timeline! Otherwise will continue posting in the previous whole30 forum and just be a few days behind everyone else.


I am committed to doing this, and I've just learn't that I can't attend social functions without a solid plan in place.


I can totally do this. 

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I am doing a second whole 30 to clean up the little slippage I've had since last summer's first whole 30.  I tried to just do a week to clean things up a few months ago, but it wasn't enough to get my focus fully back in place.  I found I was gluten sensitive and I've stayed away from that almost 100%, but there are other junky foods (read sugar) that have become too frequent a visitor in my menu.  I am currently on day 2.

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