(Recovering) picky vegetarian & family, day 4

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My husband and I are trying this for the first time! Our 1.5yo son eats more or less what we eat, but I'm not holding him strictly to the rules.

I've always planned our meals, shopped from a list, cooked at home 97% of the time, etc. so I knew that our biggest challenge would be my pickiness and meat aversion. I've made a LOT of progress since leaving home for college, but this morning we opened a can of salmon to make salmon cakes and I am ready to throw in the towel. Stinky, gelatinous, skin and bones... blegh. Of course it's also "kill all the things day" and our first attempt at making mayo (to try to rescue the salmon cakes) failed epically.

Any tips or ideas?? I don't want to give up but not sure how to make meats easier to handle.

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You might find some helpful tips in this article.


I've always eaten meat, but the first few times I used canned salmon, I was pretty grossed out by it. You can find it without bones and skin, or you could even use a fresh salmon fillet. You can also sub tuna for the salmon in the salmon cakes, although it will change the flavor, since the two taste very different.


You might also find yourself eating a lot of eggs, if they're a little easier for you to deal with -- that's okay. Go easy on yourself, and keep trying new things. It will get easier.

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