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Fats and Carbohydrates

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I've weight loss surgery and only have 20% stomach so I can only eat but so much at a time.


For people who physically cannot eat larger meals like yourself, the three meals a day, no snacks doesn't really apply. For any adult, you need to eat the equivalent of at least three template-sized meals (and as a nursing mom, maybe even more than that), but in your case, you may need to break them up into smaller meals.


This doesn't mean you get to just "graze" all day -- a handful of this, a bit of that every time you pass through the kitchen. Still try to make each of your meals contain protein, fat, and vegetable, you'll just be eating smaller amounts, more often. Make sense? You still need to get the same amount of nutrition over the course of the day, though. 


I wonder if blended soups would help you get in more starchy vegetables and fat?  One of my favorites is based loosely on this Golden Cauliflower soup. It's good as written, but I often use frozen cauliflower just because it's easier, and I prefer to sub a roasted butternut squash or a couple of acorn squash for the carrots. I also tend to put a whole cup of coconut milk in it, just because I buy it in 8 oz packages so I just use a whole one. 

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