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Day 14-16 Terrible Headaches

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Initially, I had terrible headaches around days 1-4. I was thinking that it was from a withdrawal of sugars and resorted to my Whole 30 book for comfimation as to why I was feeling the way I did. This is my first round of whole 30 and I feel great, aside from the terrible headaches typically every morning and afternoon from days 14-16 so far (today is day 16). I would love to hear any sugggestions.



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Hi Jenna


Can you list a few days worth of you food/liquid intake indicating portion sizes, and with specifics on veg types, and activity levels?

Typically headaches are caused by a number of things:

1. Lack of fat

2. Lack of salt

3. Lack of water

4. Lack of food

5. Too much fruit/bars


If you can give us an idea of what you've been eating/drinking we'll have a better idea of what the problem might be...

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For breakfast I typically have sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and 2 eggs along with one cup of black coffee with a splash of coconut milk.

Lunch is typically a protein salad (or leftovers from a dinner).

DInner is typically a protein with veggies and sometimes sweet potatotes.


Snacks, I usually have one banana in the morning. In the afternoon, I will have some almonds or pistachios with an apple or strawberries. Or, I will have a larabar in the afternoon. I enjoy to excercise and try to find something to do daily, walk, run, or at home 30 min. workout.



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One more think that I would like to add/edit.I apologize for the numerous posts, this is my first time on the forum.


For breakfast I typically have sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts (about a half cup total) and 2 eggs (cooked in 2TBSP coconut oil) along with one cup of black coffee with a splash of coconut milk.


Lunch is typically a protein salad (1 cup veggies and 1/2 cup protein with homemade balsamic dressing) (or leftovers from a dinner).


DInner is typically a protein (1/2 cup) with veggies (about 3/4 cup) and sometimes sweet potatotes.


All of my food is cooked in coconut oil, or olive oil.

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Things I've noticed:

Breakfast has a lack of protein. If eggs are your only protein, aim for as many as you can hold in your hand.

All meals have a lack of fat. While you are cooking in fat, a lot of it stays in the pan. Try and add more fat, whether it's mayo, avocado, olives, coconut, etc.

Also try to not snack. A meal following the template should keep you filled for several hours without the need to snack. If you feel the need to snack, you'd do better with a mini meal (at least two of the three macros: fat, protein, veggies). Speaking from personal experience, eating fruit or a Lara bar aside from a meal will lead to blood sugar spike and that can cause headaches.

I'm sure others will chime in with other things too

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Ok, Karen has made some good points but I'd like to expand a little more....

I don't think you're eating enough in general.

When eggs are your only source of protein in a meal you should be eating the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most females. A 1/2 cup of protein will not equate to at least a palm sized piece - the absolute minimum requirement per meal. Measure your protein against the size of your palm - is  it the width, length & depth of it? And if your meals are not lasting you the recommended 4-5hrs (which they clearly are not as you are needing to snack) then don't be afraid to add more. Protein takes the body some time to digest so adding in more - eating to the higher end of the template will keep you satiate for longer.

With veg a salad needs to be HUGE to keep you full for 4-5hrs. Think how much raw greens reduce down when chewed - you need AT LEAST 3 cups here, and 3 cups would be the optimal serving of veg for each meal - they provide roughage, and keep things moving.

The fat you are using to cook your meals is negligible. You need fat for brain health, for energy, and to absorb certain nutrients. Add an extra source to each meal.

You appear to be eating a lot of fruit & bars. Fruit when eaten on it's own impacts blood sugar so we recommend that it's eaten only with, or as part of a meal (some berries in a salad for instance). Lara bars are for emergency use only and I see no emergency here, just a need for more food. If you are genuinely hungry rather than eating out of boredom or habit make it a mini meal made of up at least two of the three macros has Karen has said (with protein & fat being your best option) then keep increasing the size of your next meals until you find that gold spot where you don;t need to snack. Snacking will prevent your body from becoming fat adapted as it knows it can rely on the steady supply of sugar you are providing in the form of fruit.

Then if you're working out you'd need to think about adding in a postWO meal - a few bites of a lean protein & an optional starchy carb - maybe not so much after the walk, but certainly after a run or an actual work out. I say optional starchy carb because your starchy carb intake doesn't look too bad to me and it doesn't sound like your work outs are that intense (correct me if I'm wrong) so a few bites of protein is likely enough here to allow enough nutrients for the muscles to recover & repair.

Your water intake looks fine.

You don't mention if you are salting your food - if you're not then you need to be as switching to a wholesome diet can reduce sodium intake by up to 75% and the body needs to replace the salt it loses naturally.

I'm pretty sure if you make the suggested tweaks your headaches will be history  :)

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