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Totally messed up reintro...starting over

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Hello everyone,


Well I did my first Whole30 in March.  It was pretty hard, but did get better and by the end I was feeling really good.  I had really great results... lost 14 pounds, joint pain was greatly improved, sleep was sounder, reflux completely gone, and energy and mood were good.  I struggle with anxiety and it was sooo improved.


Now for the bad news.  During the middle of my reintro I lost my mind.  I let a little sugar back in, then a little more and then it happened... I used chocolate peanut butter eggs saved from Easter to reintroduce legumes... well they did have a little peanut butter in them.  I know, sooo stupid.  And after that I was back to my old ways.  One by one, symptoms returned along with 7 pounds.  I cannot tell you how angry I am with myself.


So I am now on Day 3 of Round 2.  It is going well, but I am already thinking ahead to reintroduction.  I know I will do it right this time because I never want to feel how I feel today again and I never want to see the scale go back up!  But... I need help with what to transition to afterwards to continue losing weight.  Can anyone share what they did after reintro to continue losing?  I have considered WW, their new program seems pretty good.  I don't trust myself to just make healthy choices and continue to lose and I dont think I could be a Whole30 lifetimer.  So...Help please :)




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I am with you.  Tried my second Whole 30 last week and relapsed on the 5th day.  The matzoh balls were calling me, and I answered.  I started again on Sunday May 1st.  That is the anniversary of my first successful whole 30, that changed my life for the good.


I pulled out the "Whole 30" 30 day guide to total Health, and started looking at the recipes all over again and made a grocery list for today's shopping.

My husband asked me what I was doing, and looked happy that I was starting again this wonderful way to eat.  I know he felt a lot better when I was in the Whole 30 zone, because I was cooking healthy foods.

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