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Made Chicken Salad - Now Feel Bloated


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For lunch I whipped up a batch of chicken salad and now I'm feeling so bloated. I have no idea what could have caused it. Here is the recipe:


Cooked chicken


Cranberries (sweetened only with apple juice)

Raw pecans

Tossed this all with poppy seed dressing


Poppy seed dressing:

Whole30 mayo

Apple cider vinegar

Poppy seeds

Garlic and onion powder

Salt & pepper

Two dates


Any thoughts as to what could cause the bloating? I feel like I have an alien growing inside me! :) 


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Your celery, cranberries, garlic, onion & dates are all high FODMAPs, with the dates being particularly high in fructose. If you have any malabsorption issues I'd say the combination of all of those is your culprit.

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