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Day 5... my period started... :( or :)


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TOM starting visiting me yesterday..


So far I've been doing well with handling my cravings but I do tend to get hungrier between 2PM-3PM and later in the evening. I expected this because I have my regular day job heading a marketing department, a beautiful family at-home (son & hubby) and have multiple side projects (I do marketing for some of my own client's on the side and do some work for some friends and family). I typically get between 3-4 hours of sleep a night and 7-9 hours on the weekends. Assuming I'm correct and I may not be, my body needs more calories to stay awake for such long periods of time.


Well the day before yesterday I was even more tired then usual, I read the timeline and it seemed to make sense. Little did I know TOM was just around the corner. Typically I get aggressive cramps, feel even more fatigued and have a headache the day of until maybe the 2nd or 3rd day. I also crave salty foods BADLY!


Guess what? This time it was a bit different.

  1. I have much milder cramps
  2. My headache only lasted the first day of TOM's visit
  3. I'm not as fatigued as I typically am during this "Time of the Month"

I cannot believe that I'm only a few days in and I have seen a dramatic change in my cravings. I'm not sure if it's actually Whole30, my pumped-up will power, my "I CAN DO IT" mindset or pure coincidence but one thing is for certain, "I'm stoked" that i have zero cravings still. I cannot remember the last time I had no salt cravings during this time. Either way this dramatic change occurred, I'm still giving it up to Whole30 because w/o it my mindset wouldn't have been so strong and I wouldn't be eating such healthy, clean food! I'm ever more excited to continue on this amazing journey!


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This totally happened to me, and I was only on day 4... it has, no kidding, changed my life. Before Whole 30, I had to take crazy amounts of Advil just to function; now I take *none* unless I happen to accidentally ingest dairy a few days before it starts. It may not be dairy for you, of course, but whatever it is... :)


Now, of course, I'm dealing with the gut damage 20 years of all that Advil caused... but one thing at a time!

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Hi everybody! English is my second language, so I apology for my mistakes.

I'm reading this post and I don't believe is just what is happening to me! But the big difference is that I'm 49, close to 50 years old, and this was my second year with no "visits"...until I began with whole30! I'm scare! Is this something normal? Anyone else in here? I was menopausic woman already! And suddenly...

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