I haven't even started and I'm panicking


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I thought I would begin with the 7 day meal plan and then do recipes from there, but I'm in a panic as I'm printing out recipes and looking at all the food I need to buy; it looks like $300 worth of food for one week of meals and it's so much every day and I'm already thinking I can't do this.


I'm more of a "make one meal and eat it for lunch all week" type of person. Isn't there something I can make once and just eat it over and over? Isn't there a breakfast I can make the night before and just grab and go in the morning? I'm fine with making dinner every night, but I'm used to eating the same thing every day. I can do that for months as long as it tastes good, but I can do one week at a time and change up the meals.


Any help?



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W30 is what you make of it. Follow the meal template and make it something you like. A lot of people make breakfast bakes for the week and eat it for the week. Just make sure you're getting plenty of veggies, fat, and protein. No need to panic!

Some easy things to do:

Grill burger patties, top with guacamole/mayo, and eat on a salad with some grilled veggies

Roast a chicken, eat it several meals with veggies of choice and fats

Brown some meat unseasoned and season as you reheat for whatever you're in the mood for.

Take leftovers to work.

Basically, as long as your meals are compliant, it's YOUR food and how YOU like it. Some people like the 7 day meal plan. Some people (like me) find comfort in repetition of foods (I keep protein the same usually, and roast a variety of veggies and then just add fat.)

Don't overthink it.

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The great thing is that the meal plan in the book is a suggestion for people who really need a jumpstart where they don't have to worry about recipes, just about making sure the ingredients are compliant. 


If you're cool with coming up/finding your own recipes, you can totally meal prep one week's food and eat the same thing all week. That's what I do. And because I tend to be just flat out busy all the time, I batch cook lunch and dinner so it can be really easily thrown together. 


I did a lot of blended veggie soups for meal 1, along with proteins. Grilled or roasted meats and roasted veg for meals 2 and 3. Mixed up different proteins and spices for variety but it was all pretty similar. 

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I batch cook as well and bring tupperwares with breakfast and lunch, and sometimes dinner, with me every day to work (12+ hour shifts), and end up eating the same breakfast several days in a row, the same lunch several days in a row, etc.


This week my breakfast is: scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach, zucchini and mushrooms drizzled in olive oil. My lunches are braised cabbage, boiled sliced fresh beets, and basa filets that I dredged in egg, coconut flour and coconut flakes and fried in olive oil, dipped in mayonnaise. Dinners this week have actually been what I haven't finished each day from breakfast and lunch. My appetite is on a low the last couple of days.


After four or five days in a row I can tell I'm going to want to switch things up, so I'm planning already for Friday making fish burgers (some shrimp, some salmon), roast butternut squash, zucchini noodles with hearty vegetable sauce, tuna and egg salad, and deviled eggs. I'll make enough for four or five days of this, then batch cook again for the next several days.


Meal planning for w30 can be easy if you want it to be. Don't stress about it!

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