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Eggs & I do not get along, what do I do?

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I like to do a vegetable hash with steak and a side of fruit. Similar to "steak and eggs" but no eggs. I use sweet potatoes, potatoes, brussels sprouts, and a blend of spices (either garlic powder, salt, pepper, and rosemary or garlic, cumin, and chili powder) for the vegetable hash and then serve it with a few strips of steak and half a grapefruit or a small bowl of berries. 


You could also do a breakfast hash with compliant sausage and vegetables (if you can't find compliant breakfast sausage adding sage, thyme, and other spices and herbs to ground pork and then making it into patties can replicate breakfast sausage). 


Lettuce breakfast "burritos": lettuce filled with compliant bacon or sausage, any vegetables you want, and then wrapped up to go. 


And, as everyone else has said, you don't need to have "breakfast food" for the first meal of the day, you can start the day with leftovers or whatever types of foods you would have for lunch or dinner. 


I hope this helps! 

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Get Well Fed cookbook, I highly recommend. Lots of delicious things and you can have any of them for meal one.


My Top options for Meal 1:


  • Diced chicken apple sausages (always read your labels before you buy in case they change ingredients) with shredded rutabaga, onion, and spinach. Or use a combo of rutabaga and sweet potato. Yum!!


  • Whole Foods sells frozen veggie mixes that are compliant. I love "Stir Fry", "Mediterranean" and I think the other one is "California". Sautee up with some onion and ground beef, ground turkey or lamb if you like more flavor. Dollop with egg-free mayo.


  • SOUP! Beef or chicken bone broth (I make my own, it's easy, but you may be able to find some compliant); plus any leftover cooked meat, diced; plus any cooked veggies, diced. Simmer until warm. Nothing like a warm mug of this in the morning!
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