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Please help!!!

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My top reason for starting W30 was to have this amazing kick of energy I kept hearing about. Losing weight and having a healthier perception of food was a close second.

Here I am in day 26 (I've never been so diligent in any "diet") and I have yet to experience any of the energy boosts I thought I'd find. I still HATE getting out of bed every day and just want to collapse by evening. I am only looking to lose 12 pounds but I definitely don't feel my clothes any looser. Trying so hard not to get discouraged but right now, I could use some encouragement!

Typical days for me:

Pre workout:

Coffee with coconut cream

1 egg

Breakfast (post workout)

3 egg omelet with onion, spinach and 1/2 avo



Salad with greens, avo, tomato, grilled chicken, tessamae balsamic



Salmon, egg omelet with spinach, onion and guacamole, cashews

1/2 sweet potato

Coffee with coc milk

Got home late, starving, had snack of

2 eggs, 1/4 avo, salsa


3 egg omelet with spinach, onion, avo

Coffee with coc cream


Salmon, Brussels spouts, sweet potato cooked in coconut oil

Snack--2 100 cal packs cashews, banana


Salmon, salad with tessamae, 2 eggs, 1/2 sweet pot

I drink tons of water. Sometimes have a black coffee during the day. Occasionally have a larabar.

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Post workout you'd do better with lean protein and then wait a little bit before breakfast.

Also add fat (in addition to what you're cooking with) and not starchy veggies (in addition to salads which are often relatively small amounts of veggies when you think about how much they condense with wilting/chewing) and limit fruit intake to with meals occasionally. Try to not eat Larabars unless you're caught in a situation where you really can't get to legit meals (like you're stuck on the Tarmac with significant delays before your next meal kind of emergency)

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Ok, I'd ditch the nuts & larabars for starters.

Fruit I'd keep for meals 2 and/or 3, along with any starchy veg.

PreWO I'd have the coffee OR the egg - this is not fuel, it is merely sending a signal to your brain that more food will be forthcoming and so it's okay to start burning.

I'd add in a postWO - just a lean protein unless your WO is particularly intense - that breakfast/postWO combo is denying your muscles the protein it needs to heal and recover because the fat content slows down the absorption of the nutrients. The fruit is preferentially replacing liver glycogen (which tends to be stored as fat) over muscle glycogen which you may have depleted in training.

I'd also increase the size of each meal to cut out the needs for those snacks - if you're constantly topping on with 'fuel' your body is not going to bother tapping into fat stores. You really need that 4-5hr window for the magic to happen.

ETA: Please note that I have deleted your duplicate most made earlier yesterday evening. As per the forum rules we would ask that you do not make multiple posts on the same topic across the forums.

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