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I love fruit issue

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Hi everyone, 


so I'm just half way with my first Whole30 challenge and I'm really enjoying it so far. 
I have been eating pretty organic and healthy before and I kept my sugar consumption as low as I could (I never drank anything else than water, never had junk food as a snack), so I actually did not experience any troubles with staying on track (no cravings or severe side effects of detoxing). I did have a light headache in the first week, but that often happened even without being on the program (and I did cut down on coffee at the same time as starting with Whole30). 
The main reason to start with Whole30 was to see if food is the cause of my unclear skin, so I am looking forward to see what will happen. 


My problem is that I love fruit and the more I read, the more I feel that I am doing something wrong.
I don't love fruit because of it's sweetness (I actually love sour fruits as well), but just because fruit is delicious. And summer is here and all the fresh fruit on the farmers market is the reason why I might eat more than the recommended serving per day (not every day though and I try to limit it to one piece per meal), I mean there is only one month in a year when you can get fresh seasonal peaches/strawberries...

So basically my question is - am I ruining it all with eating too much fruit?



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Hey there - 


No, you are not ruining it with eating more fruit in the summer.  What you want to do is make sure that you're still eating 1-3 cups of veggies with every meal and not letting that delicious summer fruit push veggies off your plate.  You also want to eat the fruit WITH a meal, not as 'dessert' and not as a 'snack' between meals.  If you do those two things then there's no reason that while fruit is in season, you can't have more than the recommendation.  There's actually a blog post by Melissa about this http://whole30.com/2015/06/dear-melissa-fruit/

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