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Need advise please. Still hungry!


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Hi everyone, 


I'm on day 3 and I find 2-3 hours after I eat a meal I am hungry again. I am following my portion sizes and making sure I have enough fat, protein and veggies per meal.  Does this pass with time and get better after a week on the program?  


This morning I had a cup of coffee with a spoonful of coconut cream. 3 scrambled eggs with kale, 3 cherry tomatoes and half a potato (hash browns) in coconut oil.  I also eat until I'm full. 


I'm also feeling a bit hazy.  Maybe it has to do with no carbs or sugar?  The book talks about a hang over effect on day 2-3 so maybe that is it.  What has other experienced? Anything I should do differently? 


Any advise would be appreciated.  :)



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I eat a BAB and don't do eggs only.  That's really a tiny amount of food and wouldn't hold me either.

You want the BABrekkie.  I don't know why many do eggs only because they burn faster than newspapers.


Add other proteins every single day to those eggs.  It's far more interesting and adds satiety. If I did eggs only,  I would've quit a long time ago.   Fish, fish, fish.  Beef brisket, ribs, roasts, bacon, pork chops, fowl, wild game....not one day would I eat eggs alone.   Try it, and see if it doesn't make all of the difference for you, too. 


The BAB will hold you 4-5 hours.  Three cherry tomatoes and 1/2 potato.  You are not counting crows or calories...nuh huh,  I didn't think so.  Add more protein, you want muscle mass.  

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It is pretty normal to be a little off the first few days, with headaches and fatigue, but I also think you could probably eat more.


First, I don't know at what point you're having your coffee, but if you're having it before your meal, hold off on it -- coffee is an appetite suppressant, and you don't want to suppress your appetite first thing in the morning.


Three scrambled eggs is probably a good amount -- typically if eggs are your only protein source in a meal, you want to have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand. I don't know how much kale you had or what half a potato looks like, but aim for 1-3 cups of vegetables with each meal.


I do think you could add some fat. Typically, some of the fat you cook with stays in the pan, so it doesn't really count much toward the amount you need, and the spoonful of coconut cream is really not much fat either (if you're talking canned coconut cream, like the thicker version of coconut milk, consider that a serving of coconut milk is 1/4 to 1/2 a 14 oz can, so with the cream, I'd still aim for 1/4 of the can at least, maybe up to 1/3). Try having some avocado or olives or mayo with your meal. The fat really helps you stay full longer and it's very important for brain health and vitamin absorption as well, so don't be scared of having healthy fats.


Also, don't forget to salt your food. There's not a lot of naturally occurring salts in vegetables, fruits, meats, and fats, and we do need salt to live, plus being low in salt can, over time, result in feeling fatigued or fuzzy headed. Also be sure you're drinking plenty of water, as dehydration can also cause tiredness.


I'm sure you've seen it, but here's the meal template if you want to take a look again.

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