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Question about cervical polyps: does W30 help?


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Can anyone help me find out if doing the Whole30 over the long term would help with cervical polyps? I have 2 polyps on my cervix and one on my uterus. I also have a cyst on an ovary.

I have to have them surgically removed and it is totally freaking me out!!

Does anyone know any paleo or other resources on this topic!

Thank you!!

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Hi there

Sorry to hear about your medical condition. Whole30 is an elimination diet. It removes the most common inflammatory foods from our diet for 30 days and then you re-introduce to see how things affect you. Often, because a lot of medical conditions are related to or caused by inflammation, it can help with things like cysts, arthritis, psoriasis etc...

It's pretty hard to know if it helps with those things because you won't be able to see them but if you have time and your doctor's blessing, you could try the Whole30 and then get him/her to take a look again and see if there's improvement. If there ends up being improvement in the size of the problem, you could discuss another 30 or 60 days with your doc to see if there's additional improvement.

Aside from possibly reducing the inflammation around the area, Whole30 cannot claim to cure these types of conditions and it would be irresponsible for anyone to say that it can. You may get some responses that a woman with your same condition has seen improvement but your own hormones, genetic/dna makeup and medical history is going to play into your own success.

In summary, eating whole foods for 30 days is not going to make the situation worse and could provide some relief but you need to continue to talk to your doctor and create a management plan going forward if you plan to delay surgery.

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I had a uterine polyp removed in 2014. Diet can help your recovery from the surgery but it isn't going to make the polyp magically disappear. You'll be sore and crampy for a while after having the surgery but it isn't too bad. Sorry you're going through this but you'll be better soon! Oh, and it didn't affect my fertility - two months after having my polyp removed I got pregnant our first month trying and have a beautiful son now.

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