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Here I was, 11 days into my W30, doing really well and starting to feel great.  Then, yesterday, I had a hugely successful day, but unfortunately the intensity of it caused me to miss my lunch and I didn't get to start eating dinner until 8:30 p.m....  And feeling in a celebratory mood (and dining with friends), I succumbed to a glass of champagne.  It was great, but....

This morning, of course, I'm regretting it immensely, and what occurs to me is how much I had come to enjoy feeling so healthy, and I don't like knowing that I've polluted my clean body!  So now I can see that indulging really has its price!  Plus I have a headache, so I suppose that's my penance.


Now I hit the "reset" button on my W30, but perhaps my renewed insight and dedication will be of greater help to resist future temptation.



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