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Gluten biscuit tummy trouble


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Yesterday at a restaurant lunch we were served some tiny biscuits. They were obviously made with regular wheat flour and had little bits of cheese in them. I am in between reintroductions this week, waiting to officially reintroduce Dairy on Friday, so I thought I would have some. They were fine, but I noticed about one hour after lunch that my tummy felt kind of uncomfortable and sluggish like maybe it was not digesting the meal.  A little kim chi was helpful, but I still had to wait some hours before feeling comfortable again.

I am guessing it was the gluten, and not the cheese, because prior to Whole30 I was eating very little gluten for years but I had cheese nearly every week. Anyway, just reporting this to share. I hope it was the gluten and not the cheese.

We'll find out on Friday!


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Since you had a reaction, you need at least two days of Whole30 eating, and perhaps more before you reintroduce another food (more if you're not back to your Whole30 baseline after two days).

And I urge you not to off-road with unplanned foods during your reintroductions. This is partly because it may be a combo food, like today and also because when you reintro a food or a food group, you DON'T eat that food/food group again during your reintroductions. If you eat gluten or dairy, and then later on reintroduce gluten or dairy, you may have a cumulative response to one or both of the those foods which can in turn cloud your response to a different food group.

I'd really encourage you to make a plan for your reintroductions and stick to the plan. The reintroduction is just as important (and many would say it's more important) than your Whole30. It's an experiment with just one subject, you, and you want to try to get the best information you can about exactly how your reintroduced foods affect you. Then you will have solid information going forward about what foods you want to incorporate into your diet, and with what frequency.

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