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So restless and in general uncomfortable

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It's r1d7 for me. Im loving all the NSVs I'm seeing but last night I could not sleep. I hadn't had any caffeine, I might have been a little low on water (I think I had about 72-96 oz? I'm a little over 200 so I usually aim for more). I salt my food. I could probably eat more since I'm breastfeeding (I often add mini meals but I don't think I did yesterday.) I stopped taking magnesium bc it has non compliant ingredients and I haven't had a chance to look for other means of getting any due to kids. 

since I know having what I'm eating will help. 

A typical day:

M1: 2 egg scramble with a pan full of diced onion and peppers and an additional protein (I don't like the texture of eggs so this is the only way I can eat them) and 2 individual guacs 

or 2 compliant sausages with Normandy veggies (broccoli and carrots) and mayo or ghee glopped on top with this meal, I have usually a cup or two of coffee with whipped coconut cream that I sip on after I eat

m2: protein salad and roasted Brussels sprouts or carrots. Sometimes I've made a hash with a tiny sweet potato and roasted veggies with ghee glopped on. 

M3: last night was zoodles with compliant tomato sauce and a ton of beef and a single guac 

previous meals: burgers with roasted veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots or any combination of those) and mayo or guac to dip in it. 

I had a salad on Friday but it was more like mini meal so I had two 1/4 lb burger patties, guac, a ton of Brussels sprouts and a bit of "spicy mayo" (it's compliant and delicious!)

I've been eating a lot more onions and peppers lately but I cut them out the last couple of days. 

Ive thought about adding more starchy veggies but I'm diabetic and that tends to be a catch 22. NSV - my blood sugar is pretty good compared to what it had been. I haven't been on meds since May when I gave birth (I'm totally in contact with my dr so if I need to start meds I can call her)

i eat when I'm hungry (I try to have a bit of each macro) 

i don't particularly eat fruit because it can be a FWOB (same with almond butter and nuts. I had a spoonful of almond butter on day 2 because none of my other fats looked appealing and I could've easily eaten the whole jar. I put it away and haven't looked back)

anything besides adding magnesium and another meal? I usually fall asleep around 10:30-11 and wake up at 6:30 or 7 and eat by 7:30 or 8  maybe waking up once to nurse the kid (even if I don't feel hungry. But lately I have been)

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Your meals could probably be a bit bigger, and definitely don't skimp on the fat.

If you do decide to try adding starchy vegetables, try having them in your final meal of the day -- some people find this helps with sleep. You might also try different varieties of starchy vegetables -- I have a friend who couldn't do sweet potatoes because they caused issues with her blood sugar, but was fine with other options, even regular potatoes, or turnips, beets, rutabagas, butternut or acorn or other winter squashes.

For magnesium, the unflavored variety of Natural Calm is compliant, it's a powder you mix with water, tastes a bit like alka seltzer, not great but not horrible. There are other brands and types of magnesium that work as well, I just happen to know that one's okay. You can find it on Amazon and iherb and probably other websites as well, or in local health food stores.

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I definitely don't skimp on fat if I can help it. When I say "mayo" I easily mean 2-3 tbs. ghee is the same way. The tricky part is the guac since I'm really bad at estimating how much avocado it is but it's probably around 1/3-1/2 cups. 

I know I didn't mention the amount of veggies I eat. I usually roast them in avocado oil on a small cookie sheet (maybe 9x13?) and wind up with a soup bowl worth of veggies, sometimes less depending on if my toddler is awake and feeling like a ninja. 

Now is just a matter of timing for more meals or mini meals. I am easily sated for 4-5 hours and not ready to murder for food at 7 hours (which in itself is an NSV. My husband used to hate when I drove to lunch because the hangry monster!)

I also found natural calm at a local health food chain! Yay! I'm set for magnesium again!! 

Can I just say I'm enjoying whole30? I'm the kind of person who thrives on challenges (oh? You don't think I can? Watch me!) and I find that most of my family favorites can be easily modified for w30 plus I get to adventure on my own (I am making the famous salmon cakes later this week! So excited to try it! I think I'm not even going to do the original but venture to Mediterranean or southwest first.) lunch today was a challenge because we went with friends to five guys and I really wanted to say I wanted a bacon cheeseburger but I didn't. I even moved my husband's fries to the other side of him so I didnt eat any. I also had a backup plan (tuna salad and a quart sized bag of baby carrots) in case friends chose a restaurant harder to stay compliant at. And I almost forgot about fat but a sprouts was right there so I grabbed a compliant guacamole and ate most of it with my burger. 

Ok that was a novel. O_o 

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