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Saurkraut starter culture


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Hi everyone,

I did a search for this, but didn't find anything.  I've been making homemade saurkraut using a starter culture from Cutting Edge Cultures.  The ingredients are: Active bacteria strains (Lb. plantarum, Ln. mesenteroides, Pc acidilactici), organic tapioca sugar.  I'm more comfortable using the starter cultures versus salt, and bonus, my 11 y/o loves it.  It has no powdered milk as a carrier.

So the question is this; would this be ok since the fermentation process eats the sugar like kombucha?  Or does the sugar make it not compliant?  1 Tbs makes about a gallon of kraut, so it's definitely less than kombucha.

I'm planning to start my Whole 30 on Sept 5th, but am trying to gear up for it in advance.  Maybe I'll get lucky and the kill all the things phase will be minimized to a simple smack all the things :)




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