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Before I get to my question, let me give a little context. I have a six-year old lap band. The fill has never been right. After several months of tweaking, I finally gave up. I currently have slightly too much restriction, I think. I plan on having all the fill removed this fall. 

So here my question: A well-meaning friend pointed out that I'm not eating much food each day, especially protein. She mentioned hair loss, a slowing metabolism, and some issues with my liver where diabetes is concerned, as possibly being aggravated by too little protein. She suggested a daily protein shake or two. 

I just finished day three. I only ate two meals today, because that was all I was hungry for. And with a lap band, not being hungry often means the food doesn't stay down. 

Here's what I ate on a Day 3 -- 

Meal 1: a hard boiled egg, half a tomato, and half an avocado. 

Meal 2: a hamburger patty (panfried with some clarified butter) and about half a cup of mushrooms and asparagus (sautéed in clarified butter). 

Not surprisingly, I had a low blood sugar in the evening. I was not hungry so I drank a bottle of kombucha that was pretty sweet (for kombucha, that is) but with no added sugar. 

So, as I typed that out, I see that I probably don't get enough food, especially protein. Any suggestions as to how to handle this? I am honestly not hungry during the day, nor am I hungry how, several hours after dinner. I am not restricting for weight loss or improved blood sugar numbers. I tried eating more on a Day 2 and it didn't all stay down. 

I'd love some suggestions. 

Thank you!

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Yeah, I'd say there's not enough protein there. And when I glanced at your log yesterday I thought it was fat heavy (you were eating a whole avocado in one sitting) and was going to comment, but with the lap band I held back to see how things would pan out for you over the next day or two because I'll admit it's not something I'm completely familiar with. I DO know though that most people who have this or similar surgery tend to eat smaller more frequent meals in order to get the volume in - is this something you could maybe try? Say 4 meals - probably of the size you've eaten today...

You say you're not hungry, but with whacked out hormones you can't really trust your hunger signals, so you should plan to eat as much of the meals as you possibly can, eating from around the plate to ensure you get a little of each food group, then wrap up the remainder to eat as soon as you feel able - ie. don't wait until the next meal.

Are you eating meal one within an hour of wakening? Are you getting enough fluid in? Maybe drinking coffee before a meal...?

With regard to the hair loss, liver damage & slowing metabolism mentioned to you by your friend... the metabolism WILL slow down as a result of a lower food intake, mainly  to preserve energy & fat stores to continue to survive; the hair loss is more due to a lack of nutrients/minerals which you should be getting from a wide variety of vegetables, not from a lack of protein, and the liver damage from eating foods to high in sugar resulting in non alcoholic fatty liver disease. So yes, there are changes to be made. However, you've taken the first steps to take control of your health - lets tweak your meals first and once we get you on the right track then we can look at the big picture. It's day what, 3? Baby steps....

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Thanks so much for your quick reply. It is much appreciated. 

Now, I remember reading in the book that I can't trust my hunger signals at this point in the process. Glad you reminded me. 

I am eating within an hour of waking up, although my lap band  doesn't usually  like that. I know my breakfasts have been fat heavy, so I only had half an avocado today with breakfast. Part of that is eating what will go/stay down in the mornings. 

I'm pretty sure I drink enough, and I mostly only drink water. A glass of 'booch each day. No coffee or tea at all, and occasional LaCroix. 

I will try to eat four small meals tomorrow. Thanks again for that reminder sbout my hunger signals; I can't believe I forgot that!

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One other thing.... I noticed on your log that you mentioned feeling melancholy - this is most certainly from the change in diet, but can be helped by including some starchy veg which I don't recall seeing in your log. In your case I'd try to keep this for later in the day so that it has less of an impact on your blood sugars, and if you can try to eat it with some oily fish (salmon, mackerel) the tryptophan will be more bioavailable for your body to produce that much needed serotonin. And if you can spend sometime outdoors..... Vitamin D plays a big role in how happy/unhappy we feel so a little sunshine goes a long, long way....


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