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Help - Hungry an hour and half after meals


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I completed my 2nd W30 last September and will be joining in the September W30.  I have been relatively clean eating since and have been feeling great.  But, what I've noticed is that after most meals I am hungry about an hour an a half later.  When looking at my meals, my meals consist of...


Protein (3 to 4 eggs, 8 to 10 oz fish, tuna burger made w can fish and 1 egg, etc)

Vegetables (2 or 3 cups mixed grilled/steamed veggies w spices, or 3 to 4 cups mixed greens & veggies)

Oil - 1 to 2 TB for frying eggs or burger or w veggies/salads but no other fats than max 2 TB

Fruit - banana or blue berries

If I am hungry I will snack on fruit, and at night as well.  So typically, I eat my fill of protein, veggies/fruit but I am eating little fats.  Could that be causing to be hungry.  


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Yes, that could cause you to be hungry. Fat tends to digest slower so will help keep you from feeling hungry longer. Much of the oil you cook with stays in the pan and isn't consumed anyway. 

Your snacks of just fruit probably aren't helping either. If you're hungry, have a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables or at least two of the three. 

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