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Week 3 NO Tiger Blood


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I'll start by saying I'm totally committed to seeing this through whether it is 30 or 45 or 60 days. 
My big surprise, after a couple of weeks of high energy, is the slump I find myself in wrapping up week 3.
I'm getting minimum 7-9 hours sleep but needing a mid-day nap for 45 minutes.  (Lucky I work from home and can indulge.)
Anyone here have an antidote?  Some words of wisdom?  Similar experience?

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It would be impossible to comment without knowing what you've been eating, so if you could list out 3-4 days worth of food, giving specifics on veg types, portion sizes, activity levels, & liquid intake that would be helpful.

If you're female where are you in your cycle?

Are you salting your food?

As an aside I've moved your query to the Trouble shooting forum for a better fit.

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