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Completed 45 Days!


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I did it!!!! I completed my Whole 45!!!!

I chose to extend because didn't feel like my gut had healed enough to do reintroductions (I have ulcerative colitis). Honestly, if we weren't going on a once in a lifetime trip in a few weeks (Italy!!!) I would continue on. But I want to give myself ample time to get thru reintroductions and go on my vacation armed with the knowledge of how my body works. 

Some days felt hard, but mostly if I planned, meal prepped and ate good, flavorful food then I was good to go. Lucky for me I also had a supportive husband on board who took on making most of our dinner. He was a lifesaver for me. 

I never experienced "tiger blood" though half way through I gave up coffee so I think I was battling having a lack of caffeine in my life. 

Non-scale victories:

Clearer, smoother skin - no aggressive breakouts

Stronger nails

Lighter period and little cramping

Confidence! I never thought I could complete 30 days let alone 45. This program is teaching me about my body and how to properly fuel it and for that I'm grateful. 

And for the scale victory - 7 lbs. :) It was never about weight loss, but that was a nice added bonus. 

My introduction:

My food log: 



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