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Hey everyone! I haven't been very active on here in a while, I was really riding my own bike after completing a whole 30 two years ago. Looking back I've kept up a lot of the good habits that I acquired from the program, but lately I feel myself slipping into some really bad old habits. Its time for a refresher and to make a plan to do another full blown whole 30! 

I have 10 days until a birthday trip to Chattanooga that I have planned, so I'm going to take this time to do a 10 day refresh. I know that using the forum helped keep me accountable, and was a real source of strength during my whole30 so I'm going to use this space for my whole10 as well.  

Biggest bad habits that need to be addressed are: 

1. Eating mindlessly while watching TV. Once or twice a week I really pig out while binge watching some show at like 2am. The next day I feel like crap. 

2. Eating mindlessly at work. I'm bartender and I work long/late hours. I don't get a dinner break. I get hungry and shove whatever I can into my mouth as fast as possible. Mostly this happens at 11pm. Its very unsatisfying to eat this way and I end up hungry a few hours later anyway. 

3. Alcohol. I'm a bartender. I love bourbon/wine/beer and I'm around them all the time. I over indulge weekly and would like to get back to a more moderate place with my social drinking. 

I really need help with #2. I don't know which is worse: eating as fast as possible at work and making sure its something compliant instead of junk or waiting until I get home at 1am to sit and eat a real meal? I know its not great to eat late at night but maybe its the lesser of the two evils? Any ideas anyone has of strategies to deal with this would be much appreciated. 

Thanks for allowing me this space to set my intention for the next 10 days! Its really great to know there is a community of people who are willing to support you and who are struggling with the same challenges! 

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Day 2 is going solid! Working a double today so I packed a compliant lunch to bring with me! I need to continue to tell myself that not everyday is a special occasion and that not all sweets need to be eaten. Noticing big patterns with a bite here and a bite there... those bites add up! 

Decided to wait to eat until after work (even if it is late) so that I can sit down and take my time. Tried that last night and felt so good. Very relaxing and I actually felt full! 


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Day 2 did not end so well, I did snack on several mouthfuls of non-compliant food at work, and I drank a beer after my shift. However what would have been 2,3 or maybe 20 mouthfuls stopped at one, and several beers or drinks was just one. I am congratulating myself on mindfulness and moving forward. Negative self talk has been a big problem for me lately so I am taking all of this in stride. I don't want to replace one bad habit (poor food choices) with another (shame and guilt) so onward I go!

As for noticing triggers: being tired/stressed/lazy after work is a big one. Also feeling sorry for myself (working a double) and convincing myself that I "deserve" a treat. 

Ways I will work to combat these triggers are:

meal prep- i've been lazy with this, and I am in a rut with meal ideas (my meals are typically whole 30 template with the addition of some dairy or sauces with small amounts of sugar.) So I need to get some inspiration here. If I know I have something delicious at home that is easy to make/just needs re-heating I think I can more easily resist temptation to snack at work.  I can look forward to going home and sitting down to a nourishing meal, which is a reward in it's self. Not eating junk! Eating junk is never rewarding, its a trick. it makes me feel like crap. i feel terrible about it later. 

I am bringing a selection of hot tea with me to work. This way when I need a pick me up while I close I can drink this instead of a beer! I am also going to bring a selection of compliant snacks and cut up fruit/veggies with me daily/weekly. This way when I feel the urge to snack I have an option besides junk. I know that ideally I should not be snacking between meals, however sometimes my shifts can be 10+ hours of running around and its hard to eat enough prior to stay full and energized through the whole thing!  

Day 3 started great with breakfast (sometimes its really hard for me to want to eat before noon)! I am motivated and confident it myself that I can meet todays goals! 

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Another main thing that I need to work on is how I mentally justify by less healthy choices. Because I am not overweight and don't have a lot of negative side effects from less healthy foods. I need to do another whole 30 to re-evaluate this statement (I am going to plan one for January I think). Because I don't have any huge, immediate deterrents from making less healthy choices its easy to justify making exceptions and having treats every day. Keeping the big picture, long run healthy vs. not healthy goals in mind is really hard during day-to-day, minute-by-minute decisions. How do I keep my focus larger than just what I want to eat in the moment? 

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Accoring to Melissa in Food Freedom Forever, a reset should be 30 days min.  I'm with @dcmom on this one.  Even if it's ten days to the party, doesn't mean you have to let go of everything for the party, otherwise that becomes a cheat day.

You can do this!! :)

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