Success stories for overweight children?

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On 5/1/2017 at 2:01 PM, EmmieXstrom said:

I am am on pins and needles following your thread. I am doing this with my 12 year old daughter. I'm on day 14 and she's on day 1; having decided to join me in this. She doesn't sleep well, she's moody, lethargic and not happy with how she feels over all. She also suffers from ADD. I hope I get to see how this turned out for you daughter, Thanks for posting all of this. I hope I can show her motivational stuff from all of this. 

If you look above in the thread I posted how she did - just great! A year later she is 12 and we are going through full-blown pre-growth spurt body changes though, and I admit sometimes we are white-knuckling through the dance of keeping healthy while not creating an environment for eating disorders. We are extremely careful not to focus on weight, only healthy habits. She still dances several hours a week but we've added a fun weight-lifting class and mom/daughter run/walks as weather permits. We've never really kept junk food in the house, so that's not an issue, but we concentrate on making most of our meals around whole foods. EVERYTHING I have read says that "dieting" in adolescence leads to a higher weight as a teen than if the person had never tried to lose the weight, so I think it's important not to do that. Everything we do is about making the best choices, having occasional "treats", and most importantly getting enough to eat. We will see in a couple of years how it turns out! 

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