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i just made a shopping list for week one based on the menus in 'whole30' and  there is no way i am going to get all this stuff.

so i am wondering if i can go along, as i have been,  just eating organic chicken, line-caught light tuna, wild salmon and grass-

fed beef for the 30 days, observing all the other guidelines, or is there an inherent benefit to varying the menus as layed out in

the book?  for me, the chances for success are far greater the less time i spend on preparation.  (btw, at the moment, while not

officially on the program, i haven't had dairy or any 'bad' carbs' for several days as i prepare, and am not having any crazy

withdrawal, so i expect easy sledding as i go through the program, as long as i don't have to spend time dicing, slicing, chopping,



thanks for any help.

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The menu/meal plan is just resource you can use if you want to. The real magic is in following the meal template (linked below) at every meal, every 4-5 hours. You can do that however you like whether that means following someone else's plan, researching a new recipe every day, modifying some of your existing recipes (taking things like honey out of marinades etc...NOT recreating pasta, pizza, taco shells etc) or just putting compliant random items on a plate to create a template meal. However you want to do it is up to you. :)


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