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Julie C

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Finished whole 30 last week. Felt amazing after I Ate! But struggled with low energy especially with workouts. Started adding a bit of fruit to meals and that seemed to help. Had bread sat night...decided I'm going to have to reassess if that is a worth it food. Delicious going down and I savored but felt like a lump in stomach afterwards. Had roasted broccoli sun and some quinoa. Was crazy bloated all afternoon felt awful! Did a little,more quinoa today and I don't feel near as good after eating as I did. Read broccoli can cause bloating but I'm also wondering if it is the quinoa. What can I add to my meals to boost energy? Doing olive oil, variety of nuts...got to be careful here! Nuts can turn into a no brakes food for me, doing olives, advocados. Can't find coconut flakes in my area...hoping to visit the city and see if Whole Foods has it this weekend. Those are the healthy fats I'm eating. Doing variety protein,  eight to ten veggies a day. Sweet potatoes and white potatoes about every other day. About a serving or two of fruit a day. Still feel bloated today and have crazy cravings! Help!

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Have you had broccoli during your Whole30? If so, did it make you feel bloated then? If not, then it's probably the quinoa.

To make suggestions about your meals, we'd really need to know what you are eating, with approximate portion sizes as they relate to the meal template. Is the low energy something that's been going on for a while, or just since your reintroduction?  If it's been going on for a while, one common issue we see is people just not eating enough. If it started since you reintroduced bread, it may be that grains cause you to feel fatigued or lower energy.

Have you looked at the reintroduction information? Ideally, you introduce one food group at each meal one day, and then skip at least two days or until you feel normal again if you have any major reactions that cause you to feel really bad.


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Thanks Shannon. I don't think I've had the broccoli on The Whole but I'm guessing that is a small part of it. I'm doing a slow roll and just assessing foods as I come in contact with them. Giving a couple days in between but only when something arises that I maybe want. I Should have separated the quinoa and bread by more days. I need to purchase some squash to help with my carb intake so I'm just not eating potatoes. 

Haven't had a lot of energy at all thru the entire whole thirty. Typically I eat three eggs, with lots of spinach, peppers onions with half,advocado cooked in olive oil for breakfast. Lunch is palm size protein, at least three servings veggies, sometimes a sweet potato, about fifteen olives. Supper is similar except sometimes do a closed handful of,nuts instead. In morning before workout I'm eating hard boiled egg and small,handful,cashews. I eat breakfast right after workout. Usually add a serving of fruit to one of the meals then the day. 

By about  midway thru week two I didn't even need a snack between meals and felt really good after eating. I do,struggle sleeping in general but this plan has helped with that some! I'm guessing the bread and perhaps quinoa have stirred the cravings big time cause these last couple days have been a challenge. 

I work out moderately, strength train twice week, yoga three times, moderate cardio about three times. Thank you!

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