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Need some encouragement...


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So today was Day 6... I had a hard day and ate way too much nut butter and had 1 RX Bar and 1 LaraBar (both bars should only be used for emergencies - I know). I had been doing well trusting the plan, my sugar dragon seemed pretty tame and all of a sudden I was grasping for food again (compliant food, but still...). I'm exclusively breastfeeding so I do snack (mini meals) but I could feel myself going overboard. I hate that feeling. It's a huge reason I'm doing whole30. I can just feel a bunch of my old mindsets creeping back in. I'm just worried I'll finish the whole30 and even if I stayed faithful to the correct ingredients, I'll have no results because I did it "wrong." 

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Okay, you're on Day 6 and you're realizing that you're struggling and asking for help... that's a good start.  Also, you have 24 more days to go... a lot can and will happen in 24 days.

I would suggest listing out your meals including specific proteins, fats, veggies, portion sizes, fluid intake, activity etc... and we can see if there's anything to tweak but my guess straight off the bat is that you're not eating enough... we'll figure it out :)

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SugarCubeOD, Thank you for your reply! 

I can list my plan for tomorrow :)

B: 3 eggs in coconut oil, sautéed spinach 

S: Carrots w/guac (sometimes I don't need the morning snack so I may combine this food with lunch)

L: 3 chicken tenderloins w/salsa, salad w/olive oil and vinegar 

S: pumpkin puree w/coconut milk 

D: 2 Chicken thighs, green beans, mini potatoes (cooked in olive oil and seasoning)

*If I eat an early dinner and get hungry a few hours after I will sometimes eat a serving of flaked coconut and tea. 

Water: a ton; I always drink at least half my body weight 

Activity: a walk 

Thanks again! I would love feedback. 


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