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Legumes and Energy Dip...is this a thing?


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Hey there,

It's day 1 of re-introduction--1:55 pm and I feel like I could pass out at my desk.  Can legumes be the culprit???

Breakfast: Eggs, refried beans, bacon and broccoli stems

Lunch: Zoodles, with turkey pasta sauce, bacon ( again, i know!), peas

I've also felt what might have been a fleeting cramp after each meal.  Mainly, i just can't believe how wiped out I feel right now, could these little legumes be the reason??

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I experienced something similar. I had peanut butter at breakfast and edamame beans and soy sauce at lunch. I had my first major headache since starting whole 30 and had a major energy slump around 3pm! 

I went back to whole30 for two days and then reintroduced non gluten containing grains ( gluten free oats and quinoa) /!; had a major migraine. 

Do you think the legumes could have still been in my system to cause a migraine three days later? Or has anyone experienced a reaction from oats or quinoa?

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