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Succesful camping trip

Silver Penguin

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This weekend was my first camping trip as a Whole 30 participant. While looking forward to the outing, I was dreading how I was going to keep up the momentum with my plan. This was days 14-16 of my first W30. I planned well ahead, which turned out to be key to succeeding. I knew that the two local stores carry very few if any compliant items so I took everything with me.

Breakfast each day was bacon, sausage, eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes and plantain slices. I soon learned that the stove in our trailer is not powerful enough, nor is the pan big enough to cook a meal like that properly. Tip: don't ever try to eat partially cooked plantain slices, even if they are coated in bacon fat. I saved the bacon grease for other tasty things in the future. Having paid that much for compliant bacon, I wasn't about to waste that greasy goodness.

Lunch was a cop out - technically compliant but not high quality but I didn't go off program. I had an apple with cashew butter. Lesson learned here is that unsalted cashew butter without added sugar tastes like I would expect spackle to taste. I will be adding salt to the rest of the carton. I'm fine with it not having sugar but it lacked taste altogether. I added some shrimp for protein. For the dip, I used my homemade BBQ sauce. It wasn't quite 'right' but kept me away from the dip that came with the shrimp and had goodness knows what in it.

Dinner the first night was supposed to be grilled chicken with veggies and potatoes with ghee. Our grill didn't work so I had to cook the chicken forever and a day in a skillet. My home made ghee probably wasn't made right. I think I left milk solids in it. This is the second time I've eaten it and it didn't sit well with me. Had I not tried W30 I would have had no clue that dairy wasn't my best friend.

Saturday night dinner was the big challenge. A group potluck. I thought about hibernating in our trailer but that's not how this works, right? I offered to bring the veggie tray but instead of buying a tray at the market, I brought the veggies and went overboard with a huge selection. A friend cooked tri-tip to perfection on his portable smoker. With a couple of spoonsful of guacamole, I had one of the best W30 dinners I'd ever eaten. Unfortunately, I overdid it on the meat to compensate for not having any of the delicious looking desserts. The meat was beyond delicious and I was just plain greedy, which didn't sit so well afterward. OTOH, it was a different kind of full and bloated to my previous daily feeling.

I went for a long hike. I didn't drink any alcohol, and guess what? it wasn't any big deal.

Making lots of progress here.



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This trip sounds wonderful! I did a successful camping trip with my best friend during my second whole 30 this past spring. We brought along a two burner camp stove and lots of propane, but amazingly didn't use that much of it. We also had a cooler with lots of ice in the trunk of my car, so eggs, fish, and fragile veggies were safe. Every morning we had an egg scramble cooked in coconut oil made with green peppers, onions, spinach and tomatoes, with avocado on the side. Lunch was leftovers of dinner the night before, which was sautéed tilapia and cod (two different days) with baked potato (baked at home to conserve propane and time) steamed zucchini, raw carrots dipped in guacamole, and red pepper strips. Snacks while we were kayaking and hiking were apples and clementines, pecans and cashews, boiled eggs and black olives.

Living in a tent for a long weekend had never been so delicious for me before that trip!

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