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My first whole 30. Tracked bite by bite.


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I'm still ill. I won't go on about it. I'm boring myself with it.

Despite the germs. I'm sleeping so well. So that's good.

The eats for today. I've sort of lost track what day I'm on.

Breakfast - 2 soft boiled eggs, the white of which was very slightly underdone despite following yesterday's 4 minute plan. Had this with leftover roast squash "soldiers" for dunking.

Lunch - a massive salad! Half a bag of prepared mixed leaves with herbs. I fried a handful of cherry toms with some sliced chorizo, some leftover squash. Tipped this warm onto the leaves, chopped and avocado. Tossed it all together with avocado oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. Possibly the best salad I've ever eaten!

Hoping to avoid the afternoon snack obstacle.

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Afternoon snack - an orange. From the fridge. Felt so nice on my slightly sore throat. Resisted reaching for the nuts.

Dinner - cottage pie. Minced beef, onion, garlic, seasoning topped with sweet potato. Served with cabbage and brussel sprouts. An apple with some almond butter.

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The naughty dog woke us up really early. I'm sleeping so well though that instead of rolling over all grumpy, falling asleep again and then waking up,with a headache a few hours later. I just got up. I made a coffee with coconut milk for me and a cup of tea for husband. Then we took the dogs for a really nice walk in the first light. We live on the edge of the West Pennines Moors, a truly beautiful morning.

Breakfast (after walk) - 2 egg omelette, chunk of additive free chorizo, yellow pepper, cherry toms.

The cold is finally going. Nose breathing is possible. I am finally feeling like some energy is returning. Not enough to have made it to crossfit this morning. But I reckon by the weekend I'll be well enough for some proper exercise again.

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Lunch - a bit of a graze rather than a proper meal. A big handful of macadamias and cranberries, a chunk of chorizo, a lot of homemade kale chips, an apple, some almond butter. Lack of planning got me. I was trying to multi task. I should've made proper time to sit down and eat a meal.

Afternoon snack - 4 dried datesand an orange. First time in the W30 where I've really been craving chocolate. Couldn't stop thinking about Terry's chocolate orange, I don't even like them, so I don't know why that's what got in my head. I'm chalking it up to PMS!

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After the not so stellar lunch and afternoon snack I got it dialled for dinner.

dinner - lambs liver cooked with onions and additive free chorizo, roast carrot and parsnip, cabbage with garlic and lemon.

I bought a pineapple today. I know I'm already over my suggested 2 pieces of fruit for the day. We'll see what happens with that!

Also, I slept for a bit this afternoon, I think just the last of the cold germs catching up with me. I hope it doesn't mess up my nights sleep, I've been sleeping so well lately.

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Had some pineapple last night, delicious, a fresh pineapple is a rare treat, so even though yesterday was a bit over-fruited, I'm not feeling bad about it.

Slept like a baby. Out of bed at 0630 making morning cuppa for me and husband. I had tea with coconut milk. It's ok, whereas as coffee with coconut milk is pretty yummy. Day 19 and I'm just about past feeling like my mornings aren't what they should be due to a lack of milky builders tea.

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette, 1/3 of the biggest sweet potato I have ever seen, I baked it last night. Fresh pineapple slice. Macadamia nuts.

I've still got a cold, but I'm not not feeling ill now, it's just an annoying bit of lingering snot (too much information?)

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I'll keep an eye out! I pop into Lidl now and again as they do nitrate free prosciutto.

Lunch today - mixed salad leaves, half tin tuna, 1/3 sweet potato, macadameia nuts, dried dates.

I've got some family stuff going on that is leaving me feeling a bit emotionally drained. I could easily have reached for some cake earlier, but didn't!

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Since I decided at to slow roast a piece lamb shoulder I knew dinner was going to be late. I had a snack.

Snack- nuts. Probably too many.

Dinner - roast lamb, parsnip, carrot, sweet potato, squash, brussel sprouts, kale. An apple.

I'm away supporting my crossfit box at a competition this weekend. I've got a food plan. I've got food ready to pack in the morning. I just need to stick to the plan.

I'll catch up on here again after the weekend.

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Survived the weekend away!

Saturday early start breakfast - 2 frittata muffins, cherry toms.

lunch - leftover roast lamb, sweet potato, kale

Snack - sweet potato, olives, nuts and dried fruit

Dinner - two beef patties, fried egg, sweet potato fries.

Slept well.

Sunday breakfast - olives, frittata muffins,

Lunch didn't really happen, a graze of some frittata muffins, a naked ape paleo pack of biltong, cherries, coconut. All eaten on the fly.

Dinner - rib eye steak, roast squash, kale, nuts and dried fruits, an orange.

Maybe not the weekends best eating, but due to some good preparation, I kept W30 compliant, and it could all have gone horribly wrong!

I went to bed really early last night and slept well, woke up really early though.

First crossfit session for two weeks, fortunately although it was a tough, it was a short WoD.

Breakfast after training - 2 egg omelette, chorizo, 1/2 sweet potato,

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Lunch today was some salad leaves, cherry toms, chorizo, half a sweet potato, and apple and too many nuts.

I'm going out for a run this evening so I've just eaten 6 slices of chorizo and some cherry toms.

Dinner when I get back from running will be a big mixed salad, smoked mackerel, nitrate free bacon (thanks Sarah!) and sweet potato. There will be no more nuts today!

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An apple to add to last nights food.

Slept well, but got woken up ridiculously early by my phone doing some mystery bleeping at 0430, but went straight back to sleep, waking again 4 minutes before alarm clock.

A heavy lifting morning at training, first time I've done crossfit totals. PB on my back squat, first time doing a shoulder press. Got a bit frustrated by the deadlift and didn't reach my PB. A good session though, felt totally done by the end of it.

Breakfast after training - 3 egg omelette, 1/2 sweet potato, cucumber.

I'm still quite hungry, finally the importance of a post WoD snack AND breakfast is sinking in. I need to get that bit extra organised to take something out with me to eat immediately after my WoD. This is definitely something that will carry on beyond W30.

Glad I've just got a week to go. I'd really like some cheese!

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The rest of today's eats

Snack - almonds and cherries

Lunch - 1/2 pack prosciutto, 1/2 sweet potato, kale and cabbage. All made into a warm salad. Nice!

Dinner - chicken leg, roast squash, veggie chilli. Almonds and cherries.

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Yesterday's eats

Breakfast - veggie and chorizo chilli,

Lunch - nuts, cherries, two tuna/sweet potato frittata muffins.

Post workout snack - two frittata muffins

dinner - beef and veggie chilli, an avocado. 3 dried figs.

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Today's eats

Post WoD snack - 2 frittata muffins

Breakfast - 2 eggs baked in prosciutto cups.

Snack - nuts and cherries

Lunch - chorizo, nuts, apple, dates. More of an extended graze than a meal

Dinner - two turkey burgers, lettuce leaves, homemade guacamole, homemade BBQ sauce, sweet potato. Blackberries, coconut cream.

Snack - dates, nuts.

Not the best day of eating. I didn't sleep well last night, have felt tired all day. It's all felt a bit of a struggle today.

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I used to hate my egg roulette - saved by a device that looks like an egg cut in half and changes colour for soft, medium and hard! You boil it with the eggs. Now I get perfect medium boiled eggs that are hard enough to peel but soft enough to be yummy in salads! I cook a fewe at once and they are still perfect when peeled the next day!

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I used to hate my egg roulette - saved by a device that looks like an egg cut in half and changes colour for soft, medium and hard!

Thanks! I didn't know such things existed. I'm going to try and track one down. I have got better at soft boiled eggs through the month though.

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A bit of a disaster morning. Got up at 05:45, dressed ready for crossfit, pre-WoD snack packed and everything. Go to leave the house at at 06:15, no car keys. After 15 minutes of searching I knew I wouldn't get to crossfit on time so cancelled. A further 15 minutes of searching and the keys turned up on a window sill. I got a bit annoyed with myself, and my husband asked me not to be angry about it all day, so I just let it go. Chalked it up to "just one of those things" and took the dogs out at 07:00.

Breakfast after a lovely morning walk - two soft boiled eggs, 2 slices of prosciutto, 1/2 sweet potato. Coffee with coconut cream.

Aim for the day, no nuts. I'm running with a friend later so not going to stress too much about missing training this morning.

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Lunch - tuna salad, dressed with olive oil and lemon, 1/2 an avocado. 1/2 an apple

My afternoon run didn't happen, my friend cancelled and it was chucking down which put me off going out by myself. Lazy!

Dinner - braised shin of beef, mushrooms, mashed swede/carrot/sweet potato, kale, courgette. Fresh pineapple, dates.

Made it through with no nuts and no snacking. Pleased.

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Today's eats.

Breakfast Pre WoD - 2 tuna fish cakes, 1/2 avocado, cherry toms.

Lunch post WoD - tuna, sweet potato frittata, lettuce.

Afternoon snack after a 5 mile walk - almonds, apple.

Dinner - beef and veggie chilli, sweet potato, fresh pineapple, cherries, pecans.

Tomorrow will be Day 28.

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Day 28!

I was totally expecting this to be a disaster and fail to make it to Day 30, but actually it went ok.

I had a family thing on today that I've been stressed about all week, and it turned out to be lovely.

The eats

Breakfast - 2 eggs, some leftover sweet potato

2nd breakfast eaten in the van on a 3hr drive - fresh coconut, seaweed, coconut water.

Lunch - beef casserole, green beans, apple. I said no to potato, no to the most amazing looking apple pie and cream. And then no to some cake that came out for afternoon tea!

Evening eats - in the van on the 3hr drive home - apple, banana, paleo jerky/nut/fruit pack.

The family members I was visiting were absolutely fine about about me not having the pie and cake, only worried that I'd had enough to eat and sending me away with the recipe for the cake so that at some future point I can make it for myself. I avoided other stressful, potential confrontational bits of family interaction by simply taking myself out into the garden with the dogs for a few minutes.

All in all, a successful day. I'm properly on the countdown to reintroducing some dairy!

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Day 29!

The eats so far

Breakfast (post a very hard remembrance day WoD) - pecans and cherries. Chorizo, prosciutto, mushrooms in lettuce leaf rolls.

Mid morning snack (I should've eaten more after such a hard workout) - banana

Lunch (which was at 3pm as I was crazy busy) 2 pieces of chicken, 1/2 an apple, cashew butter.

I'm off for a run now. I'll report back after dinner.

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