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Ranch vs Ice Cream


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Debate in our house between my wife and I and the book.... We just made a batch of the whole 30 approved ranch, but then later read it is frowned upon to make homemade ice creamesque thing using just frozen bananas & coconut milk? 

I understand that not making ice cream is habit changing so that you don't want a dessert after dinner, or run to the freezer after a bad day, etc... But why would a homemade ranch be approved if I love pouring the regular version on my salad instead of a balsamic dressing? Just trying to sift out the contradictions we are discovering on day 2.... Thanks!


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You're allowed to make things that taste good and ranch on salad tastes great.... the idea behind no ice cream is not because we want you to eat things you don't like or that don't taste good...

Most people don't come home after a long hard day and sit on the sofa with a pint of ranch... they don't run to the store in their jammies to get ranch when they get bad news etc...

Ice cream has a special hold on people in general and it's a recreation of a sweet treat using compliant ingredients.,. or, Sex With Your Pants On (feel free to google the term if you're not familiar).

Go ahead and keep on ranching up your salad!

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