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Rebbeca's January Whole30 (W30R2)


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I really appreciated the accountability of logging in here each night to log my food. The public accountability is so helpful for me. Here's what my first couple of days of the January Whole30 looked like:

Day 1:

B: (compliant) bacon sauteed with kale and lemon, 2 fried eggs, black tea

S: banana with almond butter

L: 2 applegate hotdogs with tessemae's ketchup, sauteed onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, lemon 

D: Miraculously my last Blue Apron meal was a compliant roasted pork with potatoes and kale. Yum!

Day 2:

B: sausage, sweet potato, mushroom, spinach frittata; huge mug of bone broth 

S: 2 tangerines

L: 2 applegate hotdogs with tessemae's ketchup, dijon mustard; sauteed onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, lemon

S: coconut milk, berry, mango, greens, banana, avocado, almond milk smoothie

D: Coconut milk chicken curry with onions, carrots, potatoes, green curry paste, cauli-rice, half an avocado

Definitely was hungrier yesterday than usual. I know smoothies are "not recommended" but I was making a snack for my daughter and I to have because we have a later dinner on Tuesdays due to her swimming lesson. I bulked it up with some healthy fats and a huge bunch of greens. It works for me so I'll stick with it unless I notice crazy cravings as a result. I I've kept things simple these first few days. Just like R1, not snacking is tricky for me. I'm up by 4am and eating breakfast by 5/5:30 so a m mid morning snack is what I'm used to in order to eat lunch together as a family when I get home from work. I could eat lunch earlier (11ish) and then make a second lunch for my daughter at 12/12:30 before her afternoon nap but then I feel like I'm spending the entire late morning in the kitchen rather than playing with her then stopping for food. I was definitely HUNGRY at dinner time because as soon as I ate my sinus headache subsided. Was in bed by 7:30 last night to sleep of the cold/sugar hangover and feeling great on the morning of Day 3!

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Checking in for a review of Days 3 & 4. Here's what I ate:

Day 3

B: Leftover curry from Day 2 dinner

L: Leftover curry from Day 2 dinner

D: roasted chicken , brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes

Day 4

B: leftover chicken, sauteed zucchini, roasted beets

S: epic bar (beef)

L: Applegate hot dg with tessemae's ketchup, cucumber, tomato and avocado with lemon juice, salt and pepper

D: chipotle butternut squash soup, grilled pork chops

I'm settling in to this round of the Whole30 much more quickly than I did in June. I listened to the latest podcast by Dallas Hartwig yesterday and he challenged the idea of "multiple" or "yo-yo" Whole30s. I haven't read it yet but I also thing Melissa discusses this in her latest FFF book. Because I'm so quickly adapting to the food preparation/choices of the Whole30 program I'm realizing that my steep decline into sugar hell is a behavior that I need to change and replace with new habits. I need to replace my after school and/or after dinner sweet treat with something else: a yoga session, hot tea or bone broth, reading a good book. I also definitely struggle with the thinking that social situation = food and definitely find it difficult to make healthy choices. I don't want to have to continually have to come back to the Whole30 program multiple times a year, I want lasting food freedom and behavioral choices that means I don't NEED the Whole30 anymore.

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Haven't checked in for several days. I'm finding Round 2 of the Whole30 to be much easier than the first round. Last time I thought about food constantly, agonized over every choice, and put a lot of my other responsibilities on hold while I concentrated only on eating the right foods. This time, the food just kind of fits into the rest of my life. When I'm craving something crunchy/salty or sweet I hop on the forum and read encouragement from a few other Whole30 friends or do a quick yoga session and it's enough to help me move on and keep going. For my own accountability, I'm keeping a written food long but I don't think I need to share every meal of every day this round. Things are just coming a lot easier and time is passing much more quickly. The best recipe I made all week was the tandoori chicken recipe from the Whole30 recipes instagram. We made turmeric cauli rice to go along with it. I think I'll make it again this weekend although I saw it as a sheet pan dinner on the smitten kitchen instagram feed with roasted cauliflower and potatoes. I'm all for a simple sheet pan dinner! Day 11 is off to a good start!

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@rebbeca I get you about the second round. I think I went in with my guard up this time because I'd heard from some that its easy to get complacent the second time around and make mistakes and not finish. So I've worked extra hard to combat that, and thus far it seems to be paying off big! I've definitely settled in much more quickly as well.

I am very interested in Dallas' podcast that you mentioned. Are we allowed to post links on this forum? I can't remember. But if so, I'd love for you to post that so I can check it out. I am totally with you of wanting to not NEED Whole30 repeatedly!!! (As part of my journey to FFF. I do have that book, by the way.)

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@aprilb here's a link to Dallas's podcast:


You could also just search for the living experiment podcast in itunes or stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. All of the episodes are great but the most recent one that I was referring to is Episode 22: New Year. Enjoy!

I still haven't purchased FFF but in looking for non-food rewards this round, I decided it was my gift to myself at the end of a successful week 3. Last week was a manicure. This week I'm buying myself new yoga socks, next week I'm buying FFF, and the last week I'd really like to buy a spiralizer! I really struggle with food as reward so I'm trying to find some non food things to keep me excited and motivated!

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Made it through another Whole30 weekend. Several times this weekend I was bored and wanted to just eat some chips, chocolate, and popcorn. I'm thankful that we don't keep those kinds of snacks in the house and I'm also frustrated to still be dealing with these cravings. I made a couple of new recipes over the weekend which definitely helped keep the food boredom at bay. I know some people who love to eat the same handful of meals over and over again. It takes away the stress of too much choice, much like a capsule wardrobe, but I'm not there yet. I like to have some variety. I made the tandoori chicken recipe recently posted on the Whole30recipes instagram page. It tasted great but was a bit too liquidy to get a good sear on it before going in the oven. I also made some buffalo wings for football on Sunday with some chopped veggies, compliant ranch, and guacamole with jicama. I'd never tried jicama before - not sure about it still. I have another one that I'm going to turn into a slaw and eat with grilled fish this week. We'll see. Heading into week 3 with a fridge full of fresh food and possibilities. I am feeling great! No headaches and I do see to have more energy although I'm still not always sleeping great. Maybe that's just life with a 3 year old?

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