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Hi everyone,

I'm currently on my second Whole30. I generally want to avoid eating out unless I really have to. However, a friend is visiting from another city next weekend and we will end up going out for lunch. She likes Italian restaurants but looking at the menus, our usual places are out of bounds for me at the moment.

I'm doing my own research but can anyone recommend any restaurants in the UK, specifically Manchester that has more Whole30 friendly options? Usually I would eat at Itsu but it will be closed. 


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I'm in Ireland and have had great success eating at a number of local Indian restaurants as well as a few privately owned Bistro style places. I just made sure to ask ALL the questions.

I'm not so sure about a lot of chains, but Wetherspoons (more of a pub, I know), are always very accommodating with their meals - they'll cook everything plain & all the dressings are served separately.

European Food Law states very clearly that the top EU allergens must be made clear on the menu/ingredients which makes eating out in the UK a little easier. This won't of course cover everything that's off plan, but will cover soy, dairy, gluten, egg, mustard, celery, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, molluscs, lupin, sulphur dioxide, & sesame seeds.

I'd think of a few places you'd like to go to, have a look at their menu online, and then give them a call at a non-busy time and ask if you can speak to the chef about the oils they'll be using in the kitchen, and about added sugars/alcohol/butter in sauces etc.

Generally speaking dry grilled steak/chops/fish, baked potato & salad (or some side of steamed veg) is the way to go, and bring your own dressings/mayo.

Hope this helps!

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