Starting Again and SO Hungry!

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This is my 2nd go at the Whole30. I stopped on Day 16 the first time around because I had a week of migraines and I just couldn't think about anything anymore, let alone food. 

So, I'm at it again and I'm on Day 5 and I am hungry. All day. I don't feel satiated after most meals and if I do, it doesn't last long.

I'm 5'8 and 135lbs if that helps in telling me if I'm eating enough/too much.  

Meal 1

Fist size portion of ground beef with a handful of mixed herbs, a whole avocado, red pepper, cucumber, red onion with a fried egg and some sweet potato fries (homemade in olive oil)  I didn't eat many fries because I felt full but I was hungry within 3 hours.  I also had 2 large, raw carrots.

Meal 2

Similar to above however I only had 1/2 avocado and no sweet potato. I had a few raw cashew nuts because I was still hungry but then my stomach hurt.

Meal 3
Half a roasted chicken plus 2 sweet potatoes and raw carrots. I  started with 1 sweet potato but was still very hungry so I roasted another one. As for fat, I poured the fatty juices from the chicken onto the potatoes and the chicken as a gravy. 
I'm clearly going wrong but where? I use ample salt on everything and I drink water all day long.  
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I'm not a mod, but the only thing I can see from this you might be lacking in is protien-dense green vegetables. You're eating starchy veg (sweet potatoes) at 2 meals. For me, I HAVE to eat starch at 2 or I'm lethargic and mean, but every person is different, especially women. More protien-dense veg might help you - peas, spinach, kale, broccoli, etc.

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It's hard to tell from just the one day's worth of food, but if this is representative of each of your days then you're eating too much starch, which is acting just like sugar and causing blood sugar spikes & faux hunger.

Protein looks fine to me and fat-wise I'd probably have added a little more fat to meal three, and stuck with a half an avocado unless it was particularly small, but as Betty7 has suggested above I'd switch AT LEAST the breakfast serving of starch for more fibrous greens - kale, spinach, zucchini, bok choi, cabbage etc., all of which work well with pretty much any protein. Add in some sauteed mushrooms for flavour & bulk and see how you go from there.

Are you drinking the recommended half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, daily?

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Okay, all interesting advice. Thank you.  Is it strange that I find vegetables make me hungrier?  For me, the sweet potato is what fills me up.  But maybe it's the vegetables I'm having (like carrots - I eat a lot of carrots)  that are making me feel hungry.  I do have green beans and broccoli and cauliflower during the week as well - in generous portions.  But I'll try to cut back on the starch especially if it's acting as sugar and making me hungrier.  Thanks again.

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11 minutes ago, LaurenStarr said:

For me, the sweet potato is what fills me up.  

Have your read It Starts With Food?

Satisfaction and satiation are not the same thing. While starches will make you "feel" full (satisfied), it is protein and fat that normally helps keep your hunger at bay longer (satiated).

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